IGP Must Deal With Trigger Happy Officers


Only the blind and pessimist will tell you that the Ghana Police Service has not improved upon its core mandate of combating crime and ensuring that, we sleep soundly and go about our everyday duties, since Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan, became the Inspector -General of Police (IGP).

Even the President, John Dramani Mahama acknowledged the visibility policy of the service when he delivered his State of the Nation Address to Parliament last week.

It was a feat that has ensured a decline in the incidences of crime tremendously across the country.

Unfortunately, some overzealous and trigger happy officers, have also been trying desperately to drag the hard earn reputation of the Service into disrepute. Their actions have betrayed the very essence of Policing in our daily lives.

A recent incident, where two police officers manhandled a businessman and extorted more than 50,000 Dollars from him is still fresh in the minds of Ghanaians, as the Service is yet to get to the bottom of it and only last Saturday, another police officer also decided to turn a banking hall into a shooting range.

No level of provocation should drive a Police Officer to the brink of discharging his weapon on innocent civilians, much less in a banking hall, where they are a lot of people.

Warning shots are given upon necessity, but what we have here is like a situation of everybody can do as they please. Police Officers have been trained on how to disarm criminals, as well as the use of minimum force to achieve a desired effect, so no reason could assign for what happened last Saturday.

The Police Service must get to the bottom of this careless and reckless behaviour by one of their own. We do not know, but we wish in-service training would be organized periodically to bring the Officers up to date with modern ways of policing.

We also wish to commend the good Officers, who are bracing the storm to ensure that armed robbers and miscreants in the society do not hold us to ransom.

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