IGP, John Kudalor Must Up His Game


The new Inspector General of Police (IGP), John Kudalor, took over a very efficient, visible and well functioning police force.

The police despite it sordid past, in years have received a lot of commendation and admiration from the public. They were not only our friends, but they became our neighbors, with their night and sometimes day patrols.

Unfortunately, we no longer see them in our neighborhoods, the intersections that they use to be and their general visibility is completely lost. Instead what we see these days is too many check points at night, whereas crime is going on in the community.

We are not suggesting that, check points are not necessary, but we believe that the police can function well and serve the people, if their activities in the communities are increased.

Checking drivers licenses, insurance and road worthy certificates, really should not be the job of the Police.

The new IGP, who was finally given the nod by the President last Friday, after acting for a while, must understand that, his predecessors, have left a big shoe, he can’t feel that shoes by overseeing the wave of murders and crimes in our society.

You are the IGP at a very difficult time, this year is an election year, and as primitive as we are after 24 years of practicing multi-party democracy, we still see it as a do and die affair and so crime will go up.

Armed robbery and senseless killings are gaining currency in a country with one of the best police force in sub-Saharan Africa. If we can’t curb armed robbery and the senseless killings, can we fight cyber crimes?

The IGP, must deploy his men out there, to do what they are trained to do. He should ensure that, he cuts down on the number of barriers in the city, why can’t these barriers be mounted even in the communities, rather on the road, where they do nothing, except to flag a car to stop or move.

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