IGP Interacts With Muslim Leaders Towards Peaceful Election 2016


The Inspector General of Police (IGP), John Kudalor, has interacted with a cross section of Muslim Leaders under the leadership of the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu.

The meeting held at the Cantonments Police Mosque, was to outline the programmes and objectives of the police before, during and after Election 2016.

December 7, 2016 will mark the 7th Presidential and Parliamentary elections, since Ghana embraced democracy in 1992.

Ghana has undergone six successful elections with two peaceful transitions from one government – a different political party – to the other.
Ghana has become a beacon of hope worthy of emulation in Africa, especially in the West African sub-Region.

This unique selling proposition has attracted investment especially into Ghana’s Free Zones, an institutional framework that allows businesses to locate their companies in Ghana to produce and manufacture for export, using Ghana as a hub to reach the West African sub-regional market of around 350 million people, to Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The IGP, during his address, reminded the Muslim Community of the role of the police in our communities which includes Ensuring Peace, Maintaining Social Law and Order, protection of life and property among others.

He re-iterated that the Police, would be neutral and impartial in the discharge of their duties. Besides, the police will not entertain any acts of vandalism from any quarters and that the law will deal with any person found on the wrong side of the law, without fear or favour, a message he importantly and emphatically urged the audience to disseminate to the Zongo and Muslim community.

He urged all present to advise the youth who are mostly recruited to engage in acts such as seizing and destroying ballot boxes, causing mayhem and depriving us of the peace we have enjoyed as a country over the years.

Finally, Mr. Kudalor, pleaded with the National Chief Imam to bring the entire Muslim Community on board to work together with the Police to maintain and sustain the peace that Ghanaians have tirelessly worked for and jealously guarded; the peace which has made Ghana a beacon of hope and the pride of Africa.

Speaking at the forum, the Head of Investor Support Services of the Ghana Free Zones Board, who also represented

Muslim Women, said that according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census, women represented 51% of Ghana’s population for which reason women are an indispensable variable in the equation for peace.

Hajia Hanatu Abubakar, Head of Investor Support Services of the Ghana Free Zones Board, in pledging her unflinching support to the Ghana Police Service in her capacity again as a representative of Al-Hayaat Foundation, Ghanaian Women, Muslim Women, Spokesperson on Women’s Affairs in the Office of the National Chief Imamsaid,”On behalf of all Ghanaian women, I pledge my support to the IGP to help the Ghana Police in their quest to maintain peace, law and order in the upcoming elections. Women and children are the most vulnerable during wars and unrests for which reason we will not compromise the peace we enjoy as a country. We will take this message of peace back to our communities, schools, work places, social groups and homes to sensitize the citizens, for after all, Islam stands for Peace”

Fellow Ghanaians, we don’t have a choice as Ghanaians but to maintain, sustain and guard the peace we have all fought for, “No Matter the Matter”. We have learnt from experiences of some countries that the most advantageous peace is better than the most priced war.

As women, we are where we are today because of what we have achieved as individuals and as women. I am convinced that Election 2016 would be the most peaceful elections Ghana has ever held since 1992. This year’s election is about our future. The only thing that would deny us that future is if we throw peace to the dogs. The only thing that would deny us that future is complacency. I know as Ghanaians, will once again prove to the world that we have a universal love for peace.

On December 7, 2016, after we have cast our votes as one nation, one people with a common destiny, when the ballots are counted, when the results are announced, when the winner is declared, we will proudly pat each other on the shoulder and say,”Yes!!! We have done it again; we have done it for Ghana”. This can only be achieved if we work together with the Police and other Allied Security Agencies like the Fire Service who among others, would be working hand in hand with the police to achieve their objectives.

In conclusion, Investment thrives where there is peace to ensure investment guarantee, where the political environment is stable, where there is an enabling environment for investment and a higher growth opportunity for investment. The Ghana Free Zones Board in its quest to attract both Local and Foreign Investments is urging all Ghanaians to guard jealously and uphold the peace that we have struggled for, as a nation. This is the only way we can achieve our objectives, to inject capital and resources, create employment opportunities, increase exports, increase foreign exchange earnings and enhance the technical and managerial expertise of Ghanaians, among others for Ghana’s sustainable development in the long term.

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