IGP Deploys 32,000 Armed Policemen


Ahead Of Thursday’s Supreme Court Verdict, Military Special Forces Put On Red Alert

The Ghana Police Service upon the instruction of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Alhassan, last week Friday, began a massive deployment of 32,000 personnel to strategic locations and installations across the country, ahead of Thursday’s Supreme Court verdict on the election petition.

Aside the huge number, 500 men and women, specially trained were dispatched last Friday to strategic locations.
Director of Police Public Affairs, Deputy Superintendent Cephas Arthur, explained that the deployment is being done with the court’s judgment on the election petition in mind.

Independent checks by The Herald, show that there has been police and military presence everywhere. Most of them are on foot carrying bags suspected to contain weapons.

The Special Forces or the Commando Unit of the Ghana Armed Forces, have been put on standby to crash any security disturbance, before and after the Supreme Court verdict, which is three days away. It is, however, unclear how many soldiers the military is deploying to also take part in the maintenance of law and order.

According to the police spokesman, Cephas Arthur, the special police officers are trained to use snipers, help vulnerable persons, embark on rescue missions and also contain mass disorders, are part of the massive force sent out.

Others will be stationed on highways to direct traffic, while amoured vehicles will be seen at strategic locations.

DSP Cephas Arthur told Joy FM that the rationale is to deter miscreants from contemplating mayhem and re-assure law-abiding Ghanaians that the police is up to the task of maintaining law and order.

He said, a force of this size and security hardware was unprecedented.
DSP Cephas Arthur, told Joy News the personnel deployed to the regions last Friday morning, were selected from a special unit in the Service.

He explained that the unit has expertise for the “provision of security for the vulnerable persons and vulnerable areas.”

“They have expertise in hostage rescuing; they have snipers among them…and experts in riot control”, he said.

The United Nations (UN) standards compliant unit, according to DSP Cephas Arthur, will carry with them logistics that will facilitate efforts to quell any type disturbance after the ruling.

The security services under the auspicious of the National Security Coordinator, Larry Gbevlo-Lartey, have in recent times stepped up their preparedness to accommodate any potential violence.

Two weeks ago, various divisions of the security services, the police, prisons, immigration officers marched through principal streets.

In July this year, the IGP asked the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, to educate Muslim youth against fomenting trouble after the Supreme Court delivers its verdict in the ongoing election petition.

The Inspector IGP was also expected to pay similar call on the Christian Council of Ghana.
About 5,000 police personnel, have been deployed to all 10 regions of the country to provide additional support to their colleagues ahead of the Supreme Court judgement.

The personnel were among over 30,000 officials, who will be providing security throughout the country, before and after the Supreme Court’s ruling on the 2012 election petition.

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