If You Can’t Use Social Media, Pay Someone To Run It For You –Sonnie Badu


In a world where technology is fast taking over all activities and virtually everything happens at the click of a button, it baffles me that a lot of Ghanaian Gospel artists unlike their counterparts who are considered secular refuse to take advantage of the enormous opportunities available to them on the internet.

For some time now, most Gospel artists have gone all spiritual about social media and the internet at large, stated ignorant inexplicable reasons or referred to it as one of the many signs of end time but for award winning Ghanaian international Gospel musician Sonnie Badu, the internet is of great essence today and has advised colleague musicians to “jump on it and take advantage of it”.

Recounting his experience over the years as a Minister of the Gospel in a post onInstagram, Sonnie Badu advised the “young and upcoming ones” to take time off social media and wait upon the Lord.

He also outlined the essence of social media saying “your followers need to hear from you, if you can’t use it, pay someone to run it for u…it’s an internet world”

Read the full Instagram post.

“When we started preparing for ministry like 17 years ago , the advantage we had was there was no social media , YouTube did not even exist so we had the chance to seek the face of God without thinking “let me hurry and put this picture of mine on FB or insta ” this is my advice you the up and coming once , 1:take time off social media , 2: be patient and wait for your time 3: don’t fake emotions for caption sake 4: wait on the lord , once you Start working on all these you will begin to experience the rough roads, (that’s also part of the test) … To fill a stadium not one but 2 back to back was not an overnight job it took me almost 18years of preparation.. We will continue tomorrow … For those who started without social media and have paid their price, this is what you also do , jump on it and take advantage of it, don’t be all spiritual with it, it’s an Internet world , your followers need to hear from you, if you can’t use it , pay someone to run it for u.”

Source: Nydjlive.com

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