If Our Budgets Are Implemented To The Latter Ghana Will Be Heaven On Earth

Once again the minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, in fulfillment of constitutional requirement, was in Parliament last Thursday to present the 2019 budget statement.

Since 1992, when we ushered in the Fourth republican dispensation, Ghanaians, have had to endure hours of emptiness from our finance ministers.

The presentation has become a ritual and for some time now, anytime the budget is due to be presented and Ghanaians are asked what their expectations are, the answer, has been that of lack of trust.

We at this newspaper, share in the sentiments of Ghanaians, who have no fate in our budgets presented every year.

We think that, if even half of what is contained in these budgets, have been implemented over the years, Ghana, would have surpass the United States of America (USA) in terms of development.

Listening to Ken Ofori-Atta last Thursday and we are tempted to believe come this same time next year, all the problems confronting the people of this country, will be a thing of the past, but we will go another full circle.

He begun the reading by painting a good and positive picture of what the government had achieved since 2017, but surprisingly, apart from the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy, which many people can attest to, the rest were just mere political rhetoric.

It is surprising that, despite the interventions by various governments since 1992 to create jobs, unemployment is still on the rise in the country.

Some roads in the country, have featured in every budget, our finance ministers, keep repeating these roads, it is beginning to sound like broken record.

The government should try as much as possible to at least fulfill 50percent of what it has set out to achieve next year, that is the only way to bring back the confidence of the people in politicians.

The think tanks and civil society organizations, have failed us, they should have been helping us to analyse the preceding years budgets and measure what has been achieved as against budgeted or promises made, this way we can begin to hold our leaders accountable.




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