If Osafo Marfo Can Sign An Agreement In German, Chase A Loan At Hairdressing Saloon, Why Can’t PDS Mislead The Gov’t


By Abdul Razak Bawa

There was a time in this country, when one of the most knowledgeable men in the country, went to Germany ostensibly to sign an agreement on behalf of the people of Ghana, with the German government.

Ken Ofori Atta

According to a report by Joy FM, the Minister of Finance, Yaw Osafo-Maafo, admitted to the radio station in an interview that he signed the German debt-relief agreement without reading it.

This happened in 2004. In the same year, the same minister went to the United Kingdom, to sign a loan contract with Chinese New Techniques (CNT) Construction and Investments Limited, the address given by the company turned out to be a Hair Dressing saloon.

Yaw Osafo Marfo, is one of the three powerful persons in this country today, although the vice-president is supposed to chair the Economic Management Team (EMT), anybody with knowledge of the workings in this government, will tell you Yaw Osafo Marfo, is the one who calls the shot.

The most recent daylight robbery perpetrated on Ghana by this same man and the Finance Minister, was the doling out of power sector assets to robber barons that strut our landscape as successful businessmen.

If history is to be our guide, we should have spoken in strong terms against the decision by the government to reverse the negotiation started by the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC) government to sell the Electricity Company of Ghana.

Former president John Agyekum Kufuor, who appointed Osafo Marfo and subsequently fired him from the finance ministry, did not do that out of malice, he took that decision, because he loved the country he served.

Anything he touches and is involved him becomes a burden on the State. This same Osafo Marfo, is the same person who superintended over the collapse of Bank for Housing and Construction. He has untarnished record in raiding and collapsing businesses.

When they are in opposition, we see them as economic experts, who have the magic wand to turn things around for us, but they are leeches who are only interested in feeding on our collective till.

How can anyone in full control of their faculties justify the bogus agreement the government entered in with Power Distribution Service (PDS).

The lack of vision on the part of government has caused the citizens millions of dollars. How can you accuse the previous government of turning a blind eye when our Commercial Banks were collapsing and you now have to use over 3 billion Ghana cedis of taxes to resuscitate then and turn round to give away a crown jewel like the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

How much would it have cost the government to do due diligence, perhaps everyone involved was more interested in how much they will take home, when the deal is sealed.

ECG, is one of the most strategic assets of this country, any government, which for any reason is convinced that the company should go, cannot in good conscience, hand it over on a silver platter.

We experimented with Ghana Water Company Limited, when we handed an aspect of it to Aqua Vitans Rand, that agreement was fraught with so many problems, the country decided after the contract expired not to renew it.

As humans, we are all agents of history, acting out our roles, moving or failing to move according to its tides portends consequence for us.

We have gone full circle after Aqua Vitans Rand, except this time, it is the sister company of GWCL; ECG.

It is accepted worldwide that, the most important instrument for any president to translate his vision into concrete goals and policies in the executive branch is the caliber of people he appoints as ministers.

As a matter of fact, reinforcing failure is solving a problem with the same washed-out tools, methods and liveware.

A president is as good as his cabinet; this is the reason competence must supersede every other value item in the check-list.

Unfortunately, cronyism is the bane of Akufo-Addo. The country is in a mess because familiarity is the prime factor when the president is making appointments.

Ken Ofori-Atta, a man who has successfully run a finance house, seems so engrossed in bitterness that, all the decisions, he has been involved in since 2017, has been to run down one business or another.

He is your typical snake under grass, who is assuming, you won’t see him coming before you know, he is on you.

For as long as Osafo Marfo, remains one of the closest confidants of the president, due diligence, will never be done, as far as agreements and contracts are signed.

His likes will keep perpetuating themselves with the coming into office of every government, people like him are the real enemies of the state.

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