If Moesha has STD, then Fella too will have same because they slept with the same man – Showboy


Controversial musician and CEO of 2Hype Gang, Showboy has added his voice to ongoing rumours that Moesha has contracted some deadly STD after her affairs with Mr. Livingstone.

According to Showboy, if Moesha has that STD, then it’s likely Fella also has the virus because they used to chop the same man.

The 2hype man wrote, “If Moesha gets AIDS, then trust me, Fella also has got HIV or HERPERS!!! They fvck the same chairman”

Meanwhile, Mr.Livingstone has reacted to the allegations leveled against him by a notorious Snapchat user. He’s released the results of a recent HIV test he did which shows that he does not have the virus. He’s promised to make sure he finds the person and deal with her.



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