If Dr. Edward Mahama Is Broke, Why Blame The Journalist


Dr. Edward Mahama, I am sorry has lost his marbles; he acted with a very poor sense of judgment, his accusation was poorly phrased when he said that 99.5 percent of Journalists are corrupt.

I am not going to behave like an Ostrich and bury my head in the sand and pretend all is well in the media. It is important that, we all take a hard look at the state of the media trade.

Many stories, were fruits or plants, would not be eaten, because they are unripe; but we publish them anyway, days or weeks before they actually mature, because we are compromised.

They are bad nuts in every fraternity, what is annoying is that, the accusation was coming from someone, who belongs to the profession that is the most corrupt and that is, a politician.

I was not there, but I imagine Dr. Edward Mahama, must have allowed a wink of time here, and then anotherbefore saying, “There are few people that I can name among the 0.5 percent who are not corrupt like Captain Smart.

Some of the veteran media people were being listened to by people but some of them have switched parties and positions,” said Dr. Mahama
Annoyingly, and surprisingly the old man, who wouldn’t have said this eight years ago, when he had a greater command of his senses, was addressing journalists after a ceremony to formally confirm the parliamentary candidate for the Builsa South constituency at Fumbisi in the Builsa South district of the Upper East Region.

These journalists, most if not all of whom forms part of the 99.5 percent, are expected to go out and tell the story of the flagbearer. Dr. Edward Mahama, used to command a lot of respect, he has managed to stay above reproach, when the fortunes of his party dwindled in the last election, because of the comedian, Hassan Ayariga, many had thought that, his fifth coming, will breathe a sigh of relief into the PNC, but it seem Hassan Ayariga, rather seemed to have left a big shoe for him to fill.

The Ghanaian media has come a long way. Over the years it still remains the most vibrant segment of the society – being resilient in the face of all the challenges that come with a developing country, under various military dictatorships in our chequered history, the more repressive the government has been, the more dynamic the media becomes – ranging from clampdowns, closure of media houses, politically motivated arrests to the outright extra judicial murder of journalists. The media appear to have come out on top, rejuvenated and standing firm – well, in a sense.

The good Doctor, has no sense of history.

By every stretch of the imagination, Journalists in this country are supposed to be corrupt, because they have the worst form of condition of service, yet they have performed their role in entrenching our democracy and telling the stories that is shaping our country. They brace every obstacle to accompanying the politicians, when touring the country; with them they visit every nook and cranny of the country, what is their reward
after the politicians get power.

Dr. Mahama, kindly answer the following questions for me

1. Is the journalist paid any end of service benefit?
2. Is he entitled to the 4×4 that the politicians are givenonce he or she wins power”
3. Does he have the luxury and benefit of business class ticket to travel outside Ghana for treatment or for leisure?
4. Is the journalist allocated any government bungalow?
5. Recently the Ghana Police has announced that the various political parties will be given four policemen each, is the journalist entitled?
6. Is the road cleared for a journalist when he is late for assignment?

Now let us assume without admitting that, the accusations by the Presidential candidate of the People’s National Convention, Dr. Edward Mahama, is true, then really there is little difference between the journalist and the politician, because according to the laws of the country regarding corruption, the giver and the taker are all guilty.

If a journalist goes to cover a programme or comes to interview you and is given a stipend for transport, which you take as politicians, in a form of allowance for attending a programme or travelling, what crime has the journalist committed?

I write for a newspaper, which has to pay printers before the newspaper, which will carry your story is published, you expect us to go and pay with stones, is that what patients use to pay you at your hospital.

Dr. Edward Mahama, said “Ghana is failing in her fight against corruption, because the media are corrupt.

Listen to him again, “the media has become part of the corruption in the system thus the corruption in various sectors, which the media has failed in its bid to help fight.”

This hypocrisy, where everybody is looking for someone to blame for our woes on, must stop.

The PNC, need to make a good showing in the November 7, polls,their relationship is with the electorates, who will be exercising their franchise, not journalists.

Dr. Edward Mahama, need not prove that he is incorruptible by berating the media, it won’t help his course.

We are players in the game, you can’tget to the top without us, we did not take any anti-corruption oath, so definitely you will find some corrupt journalists among the very good ones, so it is unfair to lump all of us together as corrupt.

Dr. Edward Mahama, must come again, if the pressure is too much for him, he should find a better avenue for releasing stress, targeting journalists and making derogatory remarks about them, will not end well for him.

When all is said and done, he should remember that, journalists do not eat rocks like workers in his hospital.

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