If Boniface Cannot Develop Madina, How Can He Develop Zongos


The creation of the Zongo ministry, was followed with pomp and pageantry. We were promised heaven on earth prior to the 2016 election.

Almost two years into the life of this administration, we are now being told 50 million dollars, has been earmarked as the seed money.

The devil, it is said is in the details, so I am not in the least enthused about the latest announcement. I will only sing hallelujah, when I see action on the ground.

What is the 50 million dollars, expected to be used for, we need further and better particulars, before we can start to jump for joy.

The minister of Zongo and Inner City Development, Alhaji Boniface Abubakar, also doubles as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina.

In the wake of the problems that trailed Alhaji Amadu Bukari Sorogho, twelve years as a representative of the Abokobi-Madina, until it was split to Madina, residents of Madina, were willing to give Boniface Abubakar Boniface, an elastic latitude of action and inaction.

Almost two years, after Boniface convincingly defeated Sorogho, we seem to be making the same mistake with Boniface and setting him up for the tone-deaf indifference and disconnection that became the defining signature of the Sorogho’s reign.

Our failure to criticize Sorogho early because we thought he was one of us, to lay down a marker of residents skepticism, as well as a willingness to offer a prolonged period of grace to our MP, are detrimental to both the said MP and residents. It is one of the reasons that Amadu Sorogho strayed and was never able to course-correct.

Body language has an expiration date and has clearly run its course, while serious problems persist, we cannot sit aloof, whiles the Constituency suffers.

The MP, in his capacity, as the Zongo minister, has toured the country, assessing the various needs of the Zongos. His return to Accra, is what probably had led the government to make the big announcement.

This government is big on promises, but short on delivery, this why I will wait and see boot on the ground, before I start commending it.

The minister, unfortunately, did not put his best foot forward, he begun the tortuous journey, with the construction of Astro Turf in Madina. Although, it was not his initiative, every politician loves to associate with good things.

The thinking of the people is that, the Astro Turf is for the government, Zongo ministry funds, was used to construct it, so logically they would want to use it for free.

The minister and MP, before he is seen to be efficient, must first begin by putting his house in order, as we say charity begins at home.

The people of Madina, as I have stated time without umber, do not expect much from the MP, if they were that demanding and too expectant, Amadu Sorogho, wouldn’t have lasted more than one term of four years.

The Municipal Assembly, which is one of the best in the country, has been put in the hands of a neophyte. The only hope the people, have is in their MP, who is also still struggling to find his bearing.

With Boniface’s experience, as a legislature, representing the people of Salaga, and a former minister in the John Agyekum Kufuor government, he does not deserve any grace period more than one year.

The honeymoon, has been over for him since December of 2017.  Come to think of it Boniface, as a Member of Parliament for the people of Salaga, in the Northern region,  performed very well that assured the people of Madina that, the same would be done for them.

Our bubble is being burst, probably because we thought wrong, when we were made to believe that, Boniface’s performance at Salaga, was sterling.

Boniface must  first prove himself to the people of Madina that, he is worthy of their vote and trust, his test case as a minister is Madina, because his Constituency, is one of the most populated Muslim communities in the country.

His job is cut out for him, the residents of Madina, are not too demanding, he has only task ahead of him, he made a promise a fortnight ago on Oman FM to fix Madina roads in June.

The month, is less than a week to end and nothing is happening on the ground, unless the MP is constructing the road in his bedroom.

A particular road in the Constituency that is of concern to residents and to the MP, because the road passes in front of his ‘obra ashasi’ to wit beginning of life house.

The potholes on that road cannot be counted, because the potholes are more than the good parts of the road.

The road was a major determinant in the last election and would play a significant role in the next election. Boniface, will be a one-term MP, as it happened to him in Salaga, if the road remains the way it is.

With the onset of the rain, the road has become unmotorable, a double lane, has now been reduced to a single lane, because every portion of the road is riddled with potholes and it the holes keep widening.

It is almost a commonplace assertion that when leaders fail to provide solutions, they are unworthy of their appellation.

This trend of failure has been emblematic of betrayal, incompetence, and executive dereliction.

It is time to demand concrete actions, plans, and outcomes from our MP. Develop Madina first and let’s see the dividends spread to other Zongos.



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