I Will Keep Pregnant Women In School-Shai Osudoku NDC Parlaimentary Candidate


Bright Dzakah

The National Democratic Congress Parliamentary (NDC) Candidate for Shai Osudoku in the Greater Accra Region, Linda Ocloo, has said as part of her vision to empower women in the Constituency when elected, will ensure that students who are pregnant, while pursuing academic learning, do not drop out but support them to remain in school.

According to the wife of the late William Ocloo, who was the Parliamentary hopeful for the Constituency before his untimely death, challenges facing women in the area, can be dealt with by encouraging female students, who in one way or the other, become pregnant.

They must be supported to continue their education to the highest level, and it is only then that we can eradicate unemployment and also inspire them to pursue their ambitions in live, she added.

“When they become pregnant, not something I will personally encourage, but that should not be the end to their educational ladder, they must be supported even financially and I am ready to do that, it is not difficult; it will not be difficult and has never been because it is being done.

Helping people in situation is something my late husband and I have been doing and I think when I get to Parliament I will do more to uplift our educational standard”

Mrs. Linda Akwele Ocloo , beat Dr. Michael Kpessa Whyte to win the primary, in the Shai Osudoku Constituency.

At the end of voting, Linda Akwele Ocloo, polled 5,156 votes, with Dr. Kpessa Whyte, managing 3,372, bagging more votes than her late husband, Desmond Ocloo, in the previous primary.

While speaking on Kokromoti, an election 2016 centered programme on Onua Fm, Madam Linda Ocloo, also noted that, with her background as a financial expert, she will make available soft loans for market women.

This she said, would not only go a long way to expand their businesses to take care of their dependants, but also save those who hitherto were reeling under the burden of high interest rate from banks and Microfinance scams.

“I want to transform women, train them on prudent ways of using their resources to maximize profit and in that way they will in turn support their families”

Shai Osudoku, is noted largely for both cash crop and vegetable farming and it is for this reason that Linad Ocloo, is promising to lobby for inputs and implement for farmers, which will be heavily subsidized.

She maintained that famers, who formerly struggle to get tractors to work with, will have it at their disposal, and then the inputs and fertilizers will also be provided.

“Shai Osudoku will become food hub; we will produce to feed our people and the country as a whole. Youths will be gainfully employed, eliminating brain drain and sojourn to the urban areas for non- existing jobs”.

My husband has started works on two sports complex and I will complete them, so as to finish his vision for the youth of the area, she said with her hand on her chest.

The Parliamentary Candidate for the Shai Osudoku, repeated the refrain that ‘what men can do, women like her, can do more better’ in her concluding remarks.

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