I Will Jail Ayariga



Ghana’s first Special Prosecutor and onetime vice presidential candidate of the largest opposition National Democratic Congress, Martin A B K Amidu, per information reaching  hubghnews, is turning the virgin  enviable office into a boxing arena remotely controlled where ‘personal’ scores are revisited , tabled, dissected and red-inky crossed.

Impeccable information reaching this portal, indicates that the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bawku Central might be joining the list of convicts soon, as the nation’s Special Prosecutor is bent on throwing him into the ‘house of no sunlight’.

Soon after his swearing in, one case that has not been on the quite is the one involving the Bawku legislator. He became a victim of the first trigger of the anti-corruption crusader, albeit on the loud side.

It will be recalled that shortly after the inventor of the now famous ‘gargantuan’ was nominated, vetted and sworn in, the name of the Bawku Central MP, keeps running though from a heart that looks bitter and unforgiving.

The MP, is accused by the SP of evading tax, having imported five cars from the United States and allegedly did not pay the nation’s share of tax, thus causing financial loss to the state.

Hubnewsgh, will in the coming days blow a step by step account on how close confidants, relatives, party members and special aids of Mr Ayariga, exposed him to the office of the Special Prosecutor

This portal can report that on December 12, 2018, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Bawku among others, were invited for interrogations by the office of the SP, over an Ambulance allegedly bought by the embattled Parliamentarian and onetime presidential spokes person.

It is clear to this portal that the Parliamentarian is yet to be invited and interrogated by the office of the SP, regarding the said Ambulance.

This portal can report that the MCE for Bawku, Madam Hawa Ninchema, was told by the SP that he [Martin Amidu] will jail Mr Ayariga.

Close associates who could not keep the information, burst it out as the MCE runs away from what was meant to be a secret between the duo.

Madam Nichema, admitted been interrogated by officials of the SP,  but flatly denied the fast protruding high flying information.

“I was invited and interrogated but there was nothing of that sort. I didn’t see the SP. I was interrogated by officials in the office but not the SP himself.”

In June 2018, EOCO issued a public notice to owners/drivers of vehicles with registration number GR 2220-18, GR 2221-18, GR 2222-18, all Land Cruisers, as well as  GR 2243-17, Toyota Camry and GT 4054 Nissan, to report to the anti-graft body on June 20 at 11 am.

It is, however, looking increasingly clear that the listed vehicles are the same as the subject-matter of the Martin Amidu investigation.

“I asked EOCO on a number of occasions to warn the suspect to desist from his conduct of obstructing the investigation by soliciting others to put pressure on me to abate same to no avail….I accordingly, on 3rd August 2018, requested EOCO to investigate my complaint against the suspect for obstructing me, the Special Prosecutor, in the performance of the functions of my office as the Special Prosecutor,” Amidu said in a statement said.

Mr. Amidu advised so-called influential personalities, who are in the habit of interceding on behalf of the suspects, to desist from the act.

“I will not tolerate any interference or obstruction from anybody or organ of Government other than the courts of law in the performance of the independent functions of my office even if the culprit were my only brother,” he added.

This portal can authoritatively report that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) went jubilating when the onetime Science and Environment minister was first invited to the offices of Economic and Organized Crime Office [EOCO].

Chanting ‘by-elections, by-elections’. Exposing their indications that,  they are hopeful of the former Education minister crushing to jail.

This portal reported earlier of how some unidentified youth were spotted discussion the ‘pregnant’ issue in Bawku with unfriendly faces but suddenly went mute upon realizing the presents of a reporter.

The youth who refused to identify themselves and would not equally speak further sensing the present of the reporter were angry and unwilling to forgive should what they hear [regarding jailing Ayariga ] amount others comes to a reality.

This portal can report that the demeanor  of the man whom the Embattle Politician copiously refers to as his father, point to an existing frictions between the duo with the latter not letting it go.

The axe of this portal is still digging

More to come.




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