I was almost beaten in the North for recording ‘Atia’ – A.B Crentsil


A.B Crenstil has some of the most interesting song titles and one may wonder what informs those titles and he answered that in an exclusive interview on Hammer Time and he revealed that, most of his songs are created out of his daily experiences and the titles are supposed to create some euphoria around the song.

One of the songs that got him into trouble is his popular hit song ‘Atia‘, which talks about a young man who had migrated to the city from North but had began abusing ‘Apketeshi‘(A Local Ghanaian Gin) and recounts almost getting lynched by the audience while performing in the North.

“I decided not to perform ‘Atia’ that evening but the fans called for it. They said whether I performed it or not they were going to give me a whooping. So I decided to escape through a near by cassava farm and the infurated audience destroyed our bands items including our drum set and amplifier but the police came to restore calm”

 Source: mypurefmonline.com


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