I Vote Glo As The Most Useless Telecommunication Network In Ghana


You have the right to choose whichever network you think is the most useless in Ghana, obviously every choice you make, might be based on experience.

I know some people will disagree with my choice, but after my experience with MTN, I never thought any network will perform worse than they did.

Glo, had just thought me that, the grass, they say , is always greener at the other end.

Glo, Prior to its entry into the Ghanaian market was an unknown telecoms company, which was trying to make a foothold in Africa, dominated by foreign telecommunication companies.

MTN, although is a South African company, is seen more like that of the white man, as their activities of reaping their customers off, is not what any African will wish on his fellow African.

Anticipation, it is said, is always sweeter than realization, with anticipation and high hopes we welcome Glo, with an icing on the cake, the introduction by the National Communication Authourity (NCA), Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

A lot of people ported to Glo, with the promise of a better service, their expectation was to be disappointed, when Glo, with fanfare was launched.

In the first few months of entry and with the introduction of MNP, Glo was the biggest recipient of ported numbers, until people begun to realize that, the telecom company is not different from the ones operating in the country, only that, Glo is gradually overtaking MTN, in terms of poor service.

All Glo is good at, is the sending of various unsolicited text messages (SMS) urging me to text to a short code for music, love quote or subscribe to some products or services it or its clients offer, unfortunately Glo is not the only network in this practice

I have long wondered why a company licenced to provide telecommunication services, would turn out overnight to become perhaps one of the largest lottery company in Ghana, without the necessary regulatory authorities calling it to order. It needs no gainsaying that the practice is an invasion of subscriber’s privacy.

Glo, has hurt me more than once, what is shocking is that, unlike other networks, which are quick to send text messages to their customers, informing them of a technical challenge and apologizing, Glo, has never for once done that.

I have called their customer care centre on several occasions to seek for clarification and bring to their attention, what they are doing wrong. I am always made to understand that, my call is being recorded for quality and training purposes, but i think that, is just a formality to let me think I am important.

You call especially, airtel and you are bored with songs that, only makes you angry the more.

Glo, must learn to respect its customers, I do not need to call the customer care to be told of a technical challenge, a simple text message must be sent to alert me, before I go out to buy a credit only to realize, I can use it.

Yesterday, when I got to the office, I realized my internet was slow, because I had received a message on Saturday informing me that, I had used 70 percent of my data bundle, and so I thought I had exhausted the bundle.

I went out to buy a Gh¢15 credit to enable me bundle another data, as my work depended on the internet, I tried buying a bundle, only for me to be told I could not. I called the customer care desk and the lady there told me, they are having a technical challenge and that, they are working on it.

My question to her is, is this how you treat customers, because you believe we won’t complain or we just basically don’t know our rights?

I simply told her I needed internet to work, so I had no choice, than to use the internet. The credit lasted less than one hour.

Now Glo, has every reason to see me as a disgruntled but inconsequential subscriber, the company would certainly do without my miserable GH¢30 monthly spending on its network. I am not alone in this lamentation. Many of my friends and colleagues, have similarly complained about the exploitative and lack of care of its customers.

It is very instructive to note that, Glo is all about noise, but very little or no customer service.

But as Glo, like other networks, continues to rake in huge profits from its businesses, while at the same time treating its hapless customers with little courtesy or consideration, it may do well to remember that the party will not last forever.

One day, one day, we will all start demanding what is due us and has being denied us all these years. Why must it always be business as usual with our service providers, you cannot run away from one and take cover with another, they are all the same.

Expresso, used to be the best network in data provision, but it financial challenges, made it impossible to keep up with the increasing demands and so is virtually on its knees, MTN, since inception, only boasted of numbers, “we have so and so shares of the market”, “ we are the market leader”, all never comes with improvement in service provision.

Tigo, always crawled and for all these years is struggling to walk, the least said about airtel the better. Vodafone is probably the most reliable network now, the answer is not farfetched, it is owned by the British and they believe in customer satisfaction, a satisfied customer is the ultimate goal of every business.

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