I used to tell Lydia Forson I was in love with her – Jay Foley reveals


Sensational actress, Lydia Forson, seems to have found herself a new admirer. Popular radio personality Jay Foley, has confessed his undying love for the “Kinky Matters” boss.

In an interview with Andrew Tandoh on Joy Prime , Jay Foley admitted to crushing on actress Lydia Forson, who has been pressured by fans to get married.

“…I’m crushing on Lydia Forson I used to tell her I love her and stuff, but…” . Jay Foley replied.

Meanwhile Lydia Forson, has constantly been chastised by her fans to get married as she is getting old. Lydia Forson on the other hand has turned a deaf ear to them and has asked them to mind their business.

The talented actress recently launched her new hair product “Kinky Matters”. Which is a product for ladies with natural hair.

Source: ghbase.com

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