I Use The ‘Holy Herb’ – Ras Kuuku


Source: Hitz FM

Ghanaian reggae and dancehall artiste, Kojo Kurankye, popularly known as Ras Kuuku, has disclosed he uses the ‘holy herb’ to meditate.

According to the ‘Puom Man’, the ‘holy herb’ also motivates him when he is writing his songs.

Speaking in an interview with Hitz a@ 1, the musician disclosed that he has never had issues with police even though he uses the herb.

He, however, failed to confirm whether it is Indian Hemp he is referring to as ‘holy herb.’

“I’m a Rastafarian who sees Selassie almighty as my God and we use the holy herb. I’m Ras Kuuku and I’m not a bad person so I have never been invited to any police station,” he said.

He stated that most people confuse drugs with herbs. According to him, a drug is sold in a pharmacy whiles the herb is not.

“When you go to any pharmacy, you’ll never find herbs there. Drugs are the paracetamols and many others,” he stated.

Ras Kuuku also said that the ‘herb’ he uses was created for the use of mankind and backed his claim with a bible verse. “The herb is the healing of the nation when you check Genesis 1: 11-13, we don’t use the herb in the wrong way.”

“No bad girl or boy can use the herb. I’m a good person remember that,” he said.

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