I Slept With Wife Of Funny Face + She Was Once Married To A 62-Yr-Old Rich Man


After holding back his words for 7 months since the scandalous news of the breakdown of his marriage as a result of alleged indiscriminate cheating by his wife broke, Ghanaian comedian-Funny Face, real name Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng has finally spoken exclusively to Ghanacelebrities.com.

Yesterday, Ghanacelebrities.com published an interview with a close friend of Funny Face — in which the friend went all out, talking about the multiple chop down of Funny Face’s wife by several men and shockingly revealing that he had even slept with Funny Face’s wife – Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim.

Speaking to Ghanacelebrities.Com a few minutes ago over the phone, Funny Face said he has finally decided to break his silence because he is upset about his friend’s breach of confidence — saying, everything his friend said is true but he told him all of that in confidence and never expected him to mention it anywhere.

According to Funny Face, when he was at his lowest and was suicidal, he needed something to talk to as he couldn’t contain what his wife was putting him through. And that was when he spoke to this friend who already knew whatever he was going through.

Funny Face mentioned that, he spoke to his friend one late night of February, 2016, pouring his hearts out to him, thinking it would stay just between them.

Therefore he is shocked and somewhat angry that even though he told his friend not to air any of the things he knows, he proceeded to grant an interview to Ghanacelebrities.com—intending to let the world know his side of the story but ending up tainting his ex-wife, the very thing he has tried to avoid for about 7 months now.

During the interview, Funny Face stated that, he did not even know that this friend had slept with his wife before even though he is friends with four ex-boyfriends of the woman he married.

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