‘I Saved Mahama’s Gov’t From Coup D’état’


Kennedy Agyapong Brags,

Reveals Friendship With President, 108 Houses, 13 Kids, Insight Into Drugs & Dirty Dossier On Kasoa Interchange

By Gifty Arthur

Self acclaimed financier of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, has revealed, how he personally save the John Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government from a possible coup d’état.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, though will not give details of the coup d’état with respect to time, the personalities involved, and whether or not they belonged to the military.

He claimed that he had to do it for his own good, and also the good relationship he has with President Mahama, who was his colleague in Parliament for 12 years.

He disclosed his close ties with the president and revealed the name of an intermediary; actress, Selassie Ibrahim, wife of Ibrahim Adam, a former Agriculture
Minister in the Jerry Rawlings administration.

According to him, upon getting information on the coup d’état, he desperately tried President Mahama’s telephone line, but he did not answer the call.

He was forced, therefore, to call a mutual businessman, who happens to be a friend of theirs. He revealed that the next day; there was a sudden shakeup in the security set-up.

He was sure the changes were done in the security agencies to foil the coup d’état, which he was privy to.

Ken Agyapong, said this when he granted a lengthy one-on-one interview to TV3’s Nana Aba Anamoah on “New Day”, a TV3 magazine show, on Friday discussing everything about himself, his days as candy seller on the streets of Accra, his two wives, 13 children, 108 house in Ghana, his Trassaco Estate house, and how he was the brain behind the Bui Dam construction.

The legislator, who did not shy away from answering every question, did not mention who were behind the intended takeover of the administration of the country, but said that when he first heard about the information, he tried contacting the president through his number, but the call went unanswered.

Though no name was dropped by the loud-mouthed MP, The Herald, can recall some few security capos, who have been ousted or reshuffled without reasons.

Since 2013, some critical changes have been made and some of them were, the National Security Co-ordinator, Lt. Col. Larry Gbevlo-Lartey; Chief of Defense Staff, Augustine Blay; and National Security Advisor, Brig. General Nuunu Mensah, as well as some service commanders.

According to the hotheaded politician, President Mahama, was his good friend, until he commented on his 2012 kill Ewes and Gas directive, which ended him in the cells of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) for days.

In an apparent reaction to President Kufuor’s description of Kennedy Agyapong’s arrest as “using a sledge hammer to kill a fly”, the then Vice-President, John Mahama, said government would even use a bulldozer to kill the ant whose intention is to foment trouble.

However, in the Friday interview, Mr. Agyapong revealed how President Mahama, personally called him to explain what he meant by that statement and added that since then, they are back as good friends.

Revealing how close they have been, the MP said during festive occasions like Christmas, the president through actress, Selasie Ibrahim, sends gifts, such as hampers to him to mark the occasion adding, the president has done good things for him, but did not go any further than that.

On his self-acclaimed wealth, the MP bragged that he has a total of 108 houses, 26 of which were in East Legon alone, a very affluent residential area in Accra.

The MP, also mentioned to the hostess how he had to move from his plush Trassaco residence, another rich residential community in Accra, to Golden Tulip hotel, just to take breakfast to while away time for the interview that day.

According to the MP, on a typical day, he has so much to do that on the interview day (Friday), he had to wake up at about 4:30am to finalize signing cheques for the running of his businesses, adding he employs a lot of Ghanaians, out of which 80 percent of them are Ewes.

He took issues with people who call him anti-Ewe, because he employs a lot of them. He described them as hard working individuals.

On family matters, the Assin Dompim native, revealed he has 13 children with different women, who are all attending very good schools. For the record, though he has two wives, women still like him. He “does not believe in condoms”, he disclosed.

When the question of him indulging in drugs came up, the MP said, “I will be honest with you; about 85 per cent of the successful businessmen in this country one way or the other dealt in drugs. Therefore, they don’t believe that there are genuine businessmen in this country”.

Asked if he was a genuine businessman and had never peddled drugs, he responded “Of course. Hell no. As for relatives yes; my relatives have done it and they linked me to it. But there are evidences there to show that I was not part of it. There were certain actions I took that when you go to the police, the record is there. So, me I am okay; I do a lot of things and I work hard”.

On the raging ethnocentric comment by the former MP for Akim Oda, Yaw Osafo Marfo came up, Mr. Agyapong, who has publicly stated disquiet about his party’s decision to distance itself from the damning tape calling them “stupid” said that, he supports the former Finance Minister, adding that he will have said even worse things if had the opportunity the NPP man got.

He said, the party stalwart from the Eastern Region, only expressed the obvious that at present, Akans are being sidelined everywhere one goes, naming the ministries and the police service, who now hardly recruits Akans.

In his hometown where he is a chief, for instance, the MP said the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), has it training school on his land, but they have refused to give a quota or recruit the indigenes.

On the much talked about Kasoa Interchange, the MP claimed he has documents to nail the NDC government. He revealed the huge documents show the Mahama government has massively inflated the contract prices. To him, this was too dirty.

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