I Haven’t “Chopped” Sexy Jackie Appiah


Says Afriyie-Ankrah, But Confirms Travelling With Wife & Children On National Assignment

Sacked Youth and Sports Minister, Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah, who returned home from the ongoing World Cup Tournament in Brazil with lots of questions, allegations and rumours hovering around his head ,appalling among them a sexual bout, has denied having sex with actress, Jackie Appiah.

Some individuals, have alleged that they have a video evidence of the actress having sex with Elvis Afriyie Ankrah in Brazil, while others said, they have pictures of the Minister in a very amorous posture with the beautiful lady.

His junior brother, Yaw Ampofo Ankrah, a Sports journalist has also in a separate interview hit back at what he believes are ‘’sponsored’’ online and newspaper allegations, claiming that he was responsible for carrying supporters to Brazil.

According to the Sports Journalist, his senior brother; “Elvis Afriyie Ankrah will be exonerated and cleared of all the false charges levelled against him”, adding “he is a natural born winner and leader so he will bounce back”.

Mr. Afriyie-Ankrah, who hired Jakie Appiah, Becca, John Dumelo, Nana Ama McBrown, Gyedu Blay Ambulay and other movie stars and musicians as ambassadors, purposely to raise funds for the Black Stars described as “stupid” those who think he engaged in an extramarital act while in Brazil, adding his wife and children were on the national assignment with him .

While speaking to Metro TV’s Paul Adom-Otchere on a “Special Edition” of Current Affairs programme, Good Evening Ghana on Sunday, the Minister explained that though he airlifted the ambassadors to Brazil, he never set eyes on Jackie and Becca ,who was also accused of having sexual intercourse with Black Stars midfielder, Agyemang Badu.

“I have heard all kinds of stories and it’s incredible. The only time I went to the ambassadors’ hotel, I went with two of my colleagues and it was the old footballers who were there [at the hotel]. The female ambassadors and John Dumelo had gone to town”.

Adding that, “I was with my wife and two kids in Brazil. So how could I disrespect her? Assuming she [wife] was not with me and hearing all these stories…though she believes in me but she is human. I did not set eyes on them [Jackie and Becca]”. Not from a distance…I don’t have their numbers, both local and Brazil. I have never spoken to them before. Why would someone manufacture a story like that to the extent that they claim they have a tape? This is beyond foolishness”.

“…For the entire period we have been in Brazil till now, I have not set my eyes on these female ambassadors [Jackie and Becca]…not even ones. I did not see them, not even ones,” he told Paul Adom-Okyere on Metro TV.

Elvis Afriyie Ankrah opined that photograph circulating of him, Jackie, Becca and Dumelo allegedly to be having some fun in Brazil at a beach is a total fabrication adding, “We took that picture at the Labadi beach in Accra when I appointed them as ambassadors.”

However, he also rubbished claims that Becca spent a night time with Emmanuel Agyemang Badu in his hotel room.

“The ambassadors never came near the team. FIFA security did not allow anyone without accreditation to get closer near the player, not even in their hotel. Even me, I struggled in some point in time to get closer to the team. So how could Becca spend the night with Agyemang Badu in his hotel room while she doesn’t have an accreditation?” he questioned.

Elvis hinted that, he will soon take legal actions against the indicters.

“This is absolutely not right,” he fumed.

Yaw Ampofo-Ankrah in a write up sent to The Herald, said he can understand why some people might genuinely confuse his professional work as a sports journalist and media consultant with his personal relationship as a special advisor to the Minister on matters concerning media and communications.

However, when there are deliberate and orchestrated attempts to deceive the public with falsehood and unsubstantiated allegations, it must be thwarted immediately.

One Edwin Owusu Ofori, who claimed to have interviewed Yaw Ampofo Ankrah, on telephone from Rio de Janeiro where he is covering the World Cup, said the former BBC, Metro TV and Joy FM reporter described the claims as evil, malicious and cowardly.

Ampofo Ankrah, was revealed to have been out of the country since June 7, had a contract with Supersport in South Africa. He was there for training, ahead of the commencement of the World Cup in Brazil.

‘’Although I find these allegations absurd to say the least, it is important to state the facts especially for my concerned well-wishers and colleagues around the world who have been sending me messages encouraging me to clear the air’’.

The 39 year old sports producer listed his points ‘‘Firstly, let it be clear that my trip to Brazil was sponsored 100% by my employers Supersport. I did not go on GFA ticket, a sponsor’s ticket neither was I sent there by the government. In fact, I have never been sponsored by any government to any World Cup Tournament; Germany 2006 (Metro tv), South Africa 2010 (Etv), AFCON 2013 (Oxigen) and Brazil 2014

The records are there for anyone to check.

He explained that with regards to the World Cup Committee, he was indeed a member of the media sub-committee chaired by SWAG President Mr. Ackah Anthony.

However, two months to the World Cup, he received an offer from Supersport to be their special reporter in the camp of the Black Stars.

He further explained that after discussing the offer with the minister, he was given the blessing to accept the SuperSport contract.

‘’I would have loved to have played a full role in the World Cup Committee’s operations in Brazil, however this was not possible due to preparations and planning for Supersport production in Brazil’’.

The broadcaster, who is also the founder and President of the Ghana Beach Soccer Association, said he has never collected a pesewa from anybody for visas or tickets for the World Cup and that includes government officials, corporate or private individuals.

The Supersport presenter has confirmed that audio recordings, newspaper reports and online articles have been submitted to his lawyers for possible legal action if necessary to clear his hard earned reputation and name.

‘’I am very proud of the fact that I have never been sponsored by any government to any world cup tournament and the records are there to prove it. I challenge those cowards making these evil allegations to come forward and declare their identities’’

He asked, ‘’is it not strange that nobody can boldly come forward and put these allegations to my face? They have no balls so they choose to use cheap journalists to do their dirty work’’

Ampofo Ankrah continued, ‘’my silence may have been misconstrued for acceptance of these lies. But it is rather because I cannot waste precious time in responding to such wild allegations since I am competing with international brands and networks’’.

Ampofo Ankrah who has also worked at Etv, Yfm, Atlantis Radio and Rainbow Radio, was emphatic in stating that he will not be silenced and will soon expose the architects behind what he described as a cheap political smear campaign.

It would be recalled that in 2012, he resigned as the editor of TV3 sports to campaign for President John Mahama by forming the powerful Movement for Mahama group.

A decision he says he took at the time, because he could not compromise his position at TV3 to travel around the country on the Movement’s campaign trail for President Mahama.

The broadcaster is expected back in Accra after the World Cup Final on Saturday.

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