I Have Never Taken Bribe – Mahama


The President, John Dramani Mahama, has stated that he has never taken a bribe.

According to him, although any individual, could be susceptible to the canker, it is important for individuals to put themselves in the position to resist it.

“Any human being in the world would have encountered corruption one way or the other, either being offered a bribe or a bribe being demanded from you. What you need to do is to put yourself in a position to (resist it)..,” the president told the BBC Focus on Africa yesterday in a yet-to-be aired interview.

When the interviewer, Peter Okwoche, asked him directly, if he has taken bribe, Mr. Mahama responded “no, I haven’t taken bribe”.

The President is currently taking part in the Anti-corruption summit in London. The corruption conference that generated global attention days before it began.

President Mahama, had said that personally, he has rejected any attempt to get compromised. He said decisions on who gets a contract are not taken by the President; they are done by technical people at the Public Procurement Authority (PPA).

Before leaving for the United Kingdom (UK), the President said “the London Summit provides an opportunity to demonstrate once again the measures we have been adopting to strengthen our fight against corruption, combat money laundering and counter the financing of terrorism.”

Convener of the conference and British Prime Minister, David Cameron, had earlier told the Queen of England, Nigeria and Afghanistan are “fantastically corrupt” countries. President John Mahama, criticized the Prime minister’s comments, saying that finger-pointing African countries do not help in the global fight against corruption.

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