I founded a church out of frustration – Ofori Amponsah


Ofori Amponsah has disclosed why he established a church in 2013 after he claimed God had called him to be a pastor.

Speaking to Delay on the Delay Show, he said even though he was called by God to do his work, his calling was not to be a pastor, a reason he went back to secular music.

The highlife singer admitted that his decision to found Family of Faith and Love Ministries was a miscalculation.

According to him, the pain and frustration he went through in life goaded him to assume the duties of a pastor when he had not been ordained.

“I can say God did not call me to be a pastor; maybe for something else,” he said.

“Only a fool doesn’t change his mind. I know what my strengths are. I don’t feel like writing Gospel music. Gospel is my belief, and I will not change from it. It is a belief I have in God, I won’t change. But I don’t think that God calls everyone to be a gospel singer,” he added.

He apologised to his fans and loved ones who may have been disappointed in his actions during his ‘u-turn’ from gospel music.

He said he put a hold on his music career because he had gone through a broken heart, failed relationship and could not have the inspiration and sound mind to compose music.

Meanwhile, he admitted that while he was doing the work of God as a pastor and had vowed never to do secular music again, he was ‘sneaking’ to Kaywa’s studios to record secular songs.

Ofori Amponsah, who got onto the music scene in 1999, has produced 12 albums. He has songs such as ‘Otoolege,’ ‘Lady’ ‘Asew,’ ‘Cinderella,’ among others.

In 2012, he announced that he had been called by God into His vineyard as an evangelist and prophet, and vowed not to do secular music again. He composed a few gospel songs which did not receive enough attention.

“I have started my own fellowship and I believe God is calling me into the ministry to tell people He is alive. All the songs I wrote and music I did was not by my strength but by a God-given talent in me, but now it is time for me to return to God just like the prodigal son,” Ofori Amponsah had stated.

Few years later, he went back to secular music with songs like ‘Alewa,’ ‘Tintin’ and ‘Wonkoaa.’

Ofori Amponsah is currently out with a song titled ‘Pioto,’ produced by Underbeatz.



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