“I don’t take no for an answer”-Ella Mensah


Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah has revealed five things many of her fans do not know about her.

The actress who plies her trade in Nigerian says one of them is that she does not take no for answer because she is not quitter.

According to Ella, whenever she knocks at a door and it is shut, she persists until she it is finally opened to her.

Not done, Ella said she ensures the door is not only opened but her problem is looked at.

Appearing on ETV’s “Late Night Celebrity Show”, monitored by ghanadat.com, Ms Mensah who stirred controversy with wife of Kwame A Plus, Akosua Vee, few weeks ago said “I don’t take no for an answer.

Many doors have been shut, closed, banged and all that but I keep knocking, I keep knocking till they get tired and they say what do you want and my problem is solved”, The actress said she is also a shy person but at the same time “The craziest person you will ever meet”. The actress who has starred in many Nigeria movies said she is also a risk taker.

She explained to host of the show Foster Romanus that, life is all about taking risks. “I am a risk taker, I take risks a lot. Life is all about risks; am not the time that will want to wait till tomorrow, I will take it now”.

Lastly, the gorgeous actress in her view said everything that comes her way is either blessing or lesson and that in cases she is unable to succeed in certain a situation, she takes the experience and move on.

“I never lose in life, I either learn or win… so if something doesn’t favour me or if  I take a risk and let say, it does not pay off, it is not a loss, I learn from it so that next time I become two times wiser” she said.

Source: ghanadat.com     


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