I Don’t See Acting Nude As Such A Big Deal -Actress


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She is still not all that known but Chelsea Edogun does not care that much. Her bravado stretches all the way beyond painting her lips pink to stating that acting naked is not such a big deal really.

In a recent interview with Vanguard, the up and coming actress was not evasive when asked the can-you-act-nude question.

If the interviewer thought she had been boxed into a corner with the question, Chelsea shot straight back: “Acting nude is no longer something new in the movie industry. Yes, I will act nude under the right circumstances, which include a good script with a good crew to work with. Then acting nude is no big deal because as an actress I should be able to put myself into any character, as long as it’s professional.”

While she has not done badly in the number of movies she has appeared in, Chelsea is ready to fight for her place in the industry, no doubt.

She has a burgeoning career so far as her roles in movies like ‘Tears of a Fighter’, ‘Sacrifice De Baby’, ‘Body Odour’, ‘Before Christmas’, ‘After Christmas’, ‘Royal Goddess’, ‘Chemical Madness’, ‘Money 4 Hand’, ‘Desperate Students’, ‘Authentic Students’, ‘V.I Desperate Chicks’ suggest.

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