I Didn’t Quit Comedy Because I Failed – David Oscar


Comedian David Oscar, can now be aptly referred to as a former comedian, because his passion has shifted to music. He however says he did not abandon comedy for music because he failed in that industry, as his critics have suggested.

David Oscar, who came into the limelight after exhibiting his humorous character on the defunct Stars of the Future reality show, has announced his entry into the music industry with a reggae single titled ‘Monalisa’, and has also released other singles like ‘Blow’ and ‘Get There One Day’ with Wutah Afriyie, which came out a just last week.

David Oscar’s time in comedy could have been described as rocky with many criticizing his jokes as not funny. As a result, his new love for music has been described by critics as a clear admission of failure in comedy.

I didn’t fail with comedy

But speaking on Citi TV’s E973, the former stand-up comedian rubbished such comments, explaining that he did not turn to music because he failed with comedy.

He described those claims as “false impressions” and highlighted his role in creating a stepping stone for the Ghanaian comedy scene that has showcased the likes of DKB and Khemikal.

“I think that I came in at a time to play my role and if you were to measure the success of GH comedy based on the role that some of us played, it has been very successful so I wonder why anybody would think that I am failed comedian that is why am doing music,” he said.

Showbiz is about versatility
Oscar is also of the view that showbiz people should not be limited to a particular field in the industry.

“I am an artist and as an artist, I believe that your ability to churn out content shouldn’t be limited to only one genre of entertainment.”

Oscar noted that he takes inspiration from artistes like Morgan Heritage, Bob Marley, and Peter Tosh, and as he embarks on his new artistic journey, he declared he is armed with a Pan African spirit and a message of black consciousness.

“At this particular moment, I think that the message I have to share, I can do it musically and it is also helping me reach a much wider audience so that that is why I am doing music… black consciousness, I’m all about empowering black people and Africans through education.”

I am effectively done with comedy

“…Because music takes the bulk of my time now, which is why on other platforms I have said that my time with comedy is effectively done, so people should begin to get used to the musical David Oscar because this is a new journey.”

Source: citifmonline.com

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