I did not enhance my body artificially, it’s just weight – Sandra Ankobiah


Ghanaian socialite and Lawyer, Sandra Ankobiah has lately been showing off her ‘popping’ body a lot and that has sparked rumours that she went under the knife to look to enhance her beauty.

Sandra, who recently bemoaned fans not to criticize her on how to live her life on social media as a Lawyer, has finally passed a comment on the aesthetic surgery allegations and it’s contrary to what some fans thought.

In a chat with the founder of Ghanacelebrities.com which was published on the website, Sandra told Chris-Vincent that she’s only gained weight and her ‘popping bums and b**bs got nothing to do with any surgery.

“It’s all weight, nothing artificial” the publication reported her to have said. “So from the horses own mouth: it’s a matter of good genes as she has not done anything to her body—she has just put some good weight and probably some exercise which includes a lot of squats.” The website added.

Source: Pulse.com.gh


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