I Cheated In My Previous Relationships –John Dumelo


Seasoned actor, John Dumelo has revealed that he has cheated in his previous relationships. According to the actor, though he has no reason as to what pushed him to cheat on his woman, he believes that it was not the right thing he did.

He said their relationship fell on the rock when they both found out that they had cheated on each other.

Cheating in relationships has become very rampant in the world. When people first fall in love certain chemicals are released in the body that gives them the sensation of pleasure, joy and excitement.

Later on, these chemicals disappear and the feelings of love are felt through intimacy and closeness. Most at times, when a man meets another woman other than his wife and finds her attractive, that man would easily fall into the arms of the lady whether that man is a cheater or not.

At this point cheaters go for the new relationship while honest people avoid giving in to the feelings of attraction they felt. But the Ghanaian actor in an interview with Adom News said he has twice been cheated upon but he tried as much as possible to overcome the painful situation but after he had another opportunity, he also cheated but could not reveal why.

He noted that “I know that cheating is not a good thing to practice and so I am urging that those who cheat should be forgiven and given second chances if they regret and apologize for their wrong” he maintained.

Source: Adom News

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