I Care Less Of What Others Think Of Me – Fmr Miss Ghana


Miss Ghana 2010, Stephanie Karikari has told Hitz FM that she has had enough of Ghanaians criticizing her for whatever she wears.

Stephanie has been rebuked on numerous times mostly for what she wears to events but she says she is not worried by such comments from Ghanaians.

According to her, she is not ready to live her life to please someone because “nobody puts food on my table.”

“A lot of people forget that we are human beings, and we have the right to lash back sometimes because its a bit irritating.

I’m a human being just like you. If I do something wrong, you can’t criticize me like I’m the most perfect human being in this world.

Everybody around me knows that I’m carefree. I dress the way I like when I want because nobody puts food on my table.” Miss Karikari tsaid on Saturday.

She continued that she used to worry about criticisms when she won Miss Ghana because she was young but she has grown to realise that she cannot make everybody happy.

“I believe everyone that gets to the public eye wanted to be there. When I won Miss Ghana, I never expected any of the backlashes because I was young but when you grow into I believe you should be ready for it. At times when you sit down to think through what people say about you, you realise that they are saying the truth, so I just keep quiet to learn from it. On the other side, what others are saying is unnecessary, they just want to get on you nerves.”

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