I Am Still NDC In Race For 2016 –Dr Kwabena Adjei


By Cecil Mensah

The National Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr Kwabena Adjei, has reiterated that he would not endorse any illegality in his quest to retain his position as the party’s chairman.

I want to deliver victory to the party in these difficult times of worsening economic situation under the leadership of President John Dramani Mahama, and I am the only person who can lead the party to achieve this feat.

He said at the appropriate time when the party is done with all the internal elections, he would launch his bid for the chairmanship for the third time.

The party Chairman said, he was a thorough bred lecturer and can go back to lecturing, any time he loses the party chairmanship slot.
He was quick to mention that even chaps like Dr. Ekow Spio Gabrah, the Minister designate for Trade and Industry and the late Kwadwo Baah Wiredu, former Minister for Finance and Economic Planning were some of the students he taught at the University of Ghana.

He said God being so good he has a rich Curriculum Vitae (CV) that can fetch him a juicy job anytime he exit the chairmanship job.

He boasted that he had been a Member of Parliament(MP),First Deputy Chief Whip, Majority Chief Whip, Deputy Minister for Lands and Forestry and later the substantive Minister.

As a democrat am not afraid of the competition and i am not hell bent on becoming the party chairman at all cost.

Dr Kwabena Adjei, made this comment interacting exclusively with The Herald in Accra after his main contender, Mr Kofi Portuphy, launched his bid for the party leadership slot two weeks ago.

He said, his main contender who is also a Vice-chairman of the party and the National Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) is perpetuating an illegality, because the party has not completed the election of branch, Constituency and regional executives, for the ban on open campaigning for national positions to be lifted.

He said, he would not be pushed to violate the guidelines set out for the election by the functional National Executives Committee of the party.

He questioned the integrity of his main competitor in dealing with some of the problems that may arise during the elections as a member of the National Executive Committee of the party.

As a functional national officer, if you behave this way, you can be accused of being bias any time an issue of election dispute comes to your attention, because the supporters would be skeptical of your judgment on certain decisions taken.

He maintained that he is not perturbed by their actions but worried about the repercussions of these actions to the unity of the party.
He added that he is putting up a strategy for good governance to negate the notion held by some elements in politics particularly in the NPP that the NDC does not know governance.

Commenting on the economy, the party chairman otherwise known as ‘Wayo Wayo’ said what the country is experiencing was as the results of the ill informed redenomination exercise embarked on by the immediate past New Patriotic Party (NPP) administrations.

He said countries like Korea attempted redenomination of its currency but had to shelve it, when the leaders of that country realized that it will be detrimental to the economy.

He said because of these bad judgments on the part of the NPP and over spending during every elections year have been the bane of the crisis in the economy.

He argued that donor agencies have also refused to partner the Government in times of need.

He said the introduction of the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSS) that inflated the national wage bill.

He explains that that coupled with this people are not paying the appropriate taxes on imports and exports.

He added that interestingly, the market fires also compounded the problems with the Government doling out huge sums to remedy the situation thereby resulting in the spending of the national reserve.

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