“I Am A Bit Lazy”; Don’t Like House Chores


– Nduom’s Wife Confesses

Mrs. Yvonne Nduom, wife of the flag bearer of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has disclosed she does not like to do house chores.

Talking about her strength and weaknesses as a person on the Executive Breakfast Show (EBS) on Class 91.3FM on Tuesday November 8, she told sit in host Benjamin Akakpo “I am a bit lazy”.

“My weaknesses are taking things for granted, assuming that everyone is okay to deal with [things] and sometimes you get hurt a bit but other than that, I am basically a bit lazy in the sense that I do not like to do house work so some people could attribute that to weakness but ever since I was a child, I hated house work and it’s not my favourite thing to do but I actually like to do work, work that doesn’t involve your hands [but] cerebral sort of work and reading and analysing stuff, that’s me” she stated.

Touching on her strength Mrs. Nduom said she is an empathetic person who loves to help people in need.

“I actually get along with people, very intuitive, so when I meet people I just try to find out who they are, learn a bit more about them and I think I listen a lot and by listening I get to know them …I empathise a lot too, I think I have a strength in that area where I empathise with people so I can understand their suffering, what they are going through and if there is anything that I can do for them, I do for them” she said.
According to her, the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana would need to be reviewed in order to reduce some of the powers it has bestowed to the president because those powers are enormous.

One area that could be reviewed is the power to appoint heads of institutions and ministers of state.

In her view, electing such government officials will be preferable.

If that is done, she said, they will owe allegiance to the state instead of the president.

Mrs. Nduom said: “We have to try and take away some of the powers of the president because the President is too powerful. We should find a way of making sure a lot more of our heads of institutions are elected because that is what is done in other parts of the world (where) mayors are elected, we appoint ours. Governors and regional ministers are elected, we appoint ours; we appoint everybody when in other countries they elect heads of departments.

“So once you appoint somebody, that person owes allegiance to you and normally they do what you tell them to do and not necessarily what the people need or require. When you appoint them, too, they don’t have that political will, especially if most of them are your party members, you do not have the political will to sanction them. Then corruption gets to eat deep into our society, so by changing some aspects of the constitution, we will be able to manage corruption here in our country.”

She stressed the need for more proactive measures in dealing with corruption.

“Everybody talks about corruption but we are not ready to do anything about it, we have to do something about it, something concrete about it,” Mrs Nduom underscored.
Mrs. Nduom, also urged Ghanaians to eschew voting based on tribal and partisan lines and start voting based on issues and policies proposed by candidates.

That, she says, will lead to the election of the right persons to lead the nation.

Mrs. Nduom stressed that Dr Nduom’s policy of job and wealth creation makes him the best candidate to be voted for in the December polls.

“There are so many people unemployed, so, when my husband talks about job creation and wealth creation, it’s a message that resonates with people because people are looking for jobs. By the size of the applications that we get every day, you know that it’s real and, so, when he stands on the platform and talks about creating jobs, people really get it but we don’t have any way of measuring that when they get into the voting booth, they will remember that they are voting to get jobs and improved their lives, that we can’t tell,” she stated.

“…I think Ghanaians should be wide awake and I think Ghanaians should listen to issues. Voting should not be on sentiments alone and voting should also be more on the issues and the messages that the presidential candidates are talking about and not on tribal lines. We really have to try as much as possible to put Ghana first and make Ghana number one. …Now it’s like we are deviating, we are not really concentrating on what Ghanaians need, as such we are just going on sentiments like ‘this is my party, that is your party and that is all that I know’. We should stop that, we should put Ghana first, and vote on issues and if we did that, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom will be president,” Mrs. Nduom said.

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