Human Rights Lawyer calls for arrest of father who wants to kill his daughter over her choice of religion


A human rights lawyer, Francis Xavier Sosu is calling for the arrest of Abubakar Seidu for threatening to kill his own daughter because she has chosen to convert to Christianity, ABC News Ghana can report.

Mr. Sosu in an interview with ABC News Ghana stated that the case moved from a purely domestic one to a criminal one the moment Abubakar Seidu threatened the life of his daughter over her decision to convert to Christian in defiance to his wishes.

“I think every human life is important and once the threat has been made, the law enforcement officers need to invite the father, not even invite, arrest the father and possibly caution him and those steps will be a check on the father” he stated.

News about this became known in a Joy News interview with the daughter, Mariam Abubakar, on Wednesday, 12th June.

In the report monitored by ABC News Ghana, Mariam Abubakar, lived with her parents until march 30 when she embraced Christianity.


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