How we die!


By Dr. Raphael NyarkoteyObu, RND, PhD (A.M),

Dr Nyankotey

The Author: Dr. Nyarkotey at the CNBC Africa AABLA awards in Sandton,

South Africa for Innovator of the Year –West Africa.

Happy new year to you all my readers. Today, I want to share this mantra with you before I start writing on prostate and Natural health from next week. The Lord has been good! Today, there is a huge breakthrough for Men’s Prostate Health, Cardiovascular and General Women’s Health. The products have finally been approved by the FDA and clinical trials have been successfully conducted in Niamey, Niger, under Dr. Chris Cole, MD at the National Cancer Centre.  In the coming weeks; will be writing about these significant products formulated right here in Ghana but has already made its way into Niamey, Niger.

Men’s Formula has Quintuple Action and a patent pending product for general wellbeing of Men. The product is a clinical grade, advanced, comprehensive phytomedicine product approved by the FDA for Men’s Prostate Health & immune booster for men with advanced prostate conditions. Men’s formula is also designed to help guard against the most common consequences of unbalanced testosterone levels and promote successful aging, male vitality and detoxification.  Men’s Formula is also formulated for men who are looking to restore their prostate health as close as possible to youthful levels. Will also write about how men on Watchful Waiting or Active Surveillance could use this product. Will also tell you the impact of the product on Prostate cancer patients on ADT and how it could help improve the side effect of conventional treatment!

Interestingly, In Niamey, Niger, the product has been codenamed “Bringing out the Man in You”! In fact, it boost your sex drive and improves sex life! This was my mission as a young man to find lasting solution to men’s Health and now that dream is a reality now!  Improving quality of life of men diagnosed with prostate cancer as part of survivorship program had been my major assignment in life.

Men’s Formula Tea is a combination of over fourteen (14) herbs and approved by the Food and Drug Authority in Ghana (FDA) as phytomedicine for prostate health and immune booster. The mechanism of action of the product is based on the fact that the product is based on over fourteen (14) plants.  Some of the extracts are: Hibiscus Sabdarrifa, Azadirachtaindica, caricapapaya,Graviola, stinging Nettle, Zanthoxyllumzanthoxyloides, small  willow herb, saw palmetto, pumpkinseeds, cyperusesculentus, AltsoniaBoonei, Africa black pepper, Allium Sativum, ZingiberOfficinale and many more blended together!

It is different from all other products on the market as it is also energized.  ENERGY… we may not know what it is, but we know when we have it and especially when we don’t have it! As medicine begins to catch up with physics, a new era in healthcare is emerging where Bio-energetic Technology promotes the healing process by stimulating the healing ability of the body. Your body is designed to heal itself. Einstein demonstrated through his equation (E=MC2) that energy is matter, and matter is energy. Therefore, if we are energy, then our physical state should also be influenced by energy. Unfortunately, we live in a world that continuously interferes with this natural healing capacity, through the modern day stresses of biochemical toxins and electromagnetic pollution. The concept of energy medicine is that energy systems are the infrastructure of the body and energy is the medicine. When your energy is vibrant, so is your body! This is just the synopsis.  So this achievement drew my attention to a very long time Mantra a friend called Tsokpor told me.

Raphael Nyarkotey Obu

The developer of Men’s Formula; Dr. Nyarkotey won the Under40 Achievers Award in Ghana

“At a very tender age, my late responsible dad used to put up a mantra that he won’t die like the worm but he will die the death of a millipede. That saying however didn’t make sense to me as the eldest of his children, let alone my younger siblings. As I grew up, I began to ponder more and more on this subject. I began to analyze how the worm and the millipede die. In my curiosity as a child, I placed a dead worm and millipede on our backyard for about a week. Afterwards, I found out that, the worm degenerated into total dust and had left behind no remains. Unlike the worm, the millipede, though equally dead, I found that its bodilyrings still remained and lives on. For almost a month and over, I still noticed the remains of the millipede at our backyard while the worm was totally lost.

From this experiment, I concluded; the worm dies and leaves no remains for its memorial; the millipede dies and leaves on an evidence of its existence. My dad’s parable was adequately interpreted to me hence. Yes, what we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others live on forever. The end of a matter is better than its beginning. How we die matters to the world. Our lives are found on purpose. Our daily efforts must draw us a step closer to that great purpose we carry”.

So how we die matters and my mission is solve health challenges using well research and clinically proven Natural ingredients. See you Next Week!


Dr. Raphael NyarkoteyObu, RND, PhD (A.M), Postdoc (H,M), AYLFP, FCPNM, MCPNM, CaPTC, AACR, Mini-EMBA, MSc.  Dr. Nyarkotey is a CNBC Africa AABLA finalist Innovator of the Year West Africa 2018, 40under40 Achiever in Education 2018 and Best Researcher in Prostate Care 2018 FN Business Awards.

Dr. Nyarkotey was conferred the Nigerian Legendary Award by the Optimum Men’s Health Foundation, Ikorodu, Nigeria for his crusade against prostate cancer and several uncountable accolades at a youthful age! Dr. Nyarkotey is the National President of the Alternative Medical Association of Ghana(AMAG) and a member of the Prostate Cancer Transatlantic Consortium(CaPTC), Active Member of American Association of Cancer Research(AACR)  and several world Medical Bodies. Dr. Nyarkotey is the developer and formulator of Men’s Formula, a clinical grade advanced prostate formula for Men approved by the FDA,  Women’s Formula and Nyarkotey Tea for Cardiovascular Health.  Roaming line + 233541090045

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