How to make life simple in 2019 with AirtelTigo


By Samuel Nii Tackie

It was a frantic call I received a week to Christmas. Frantic because the caller kept pressing the redial button despite my non-response. It was quite late and as was my usual practice, I was wrapping up the day with some Hymns I normally enjoy from my Methodist hymn book when my phone started ringing. Instinctively, my eyes caught up with the wall clock in my room. It was 11:45pm. I decided to pay attention to the phone number of the caller who wants to deny me my much-needed sleep. It was my Cousin Moda, who lives in Sekondi, Western Region.  I reluctantly answered the call as I could figure out that she could be in some kind of trouble.

“What is it; Are you ok?” were my first words. “Thank God you picked the call finally,” she said. “I am in real trouble. I need some financial bailout, or my landlord will throw me and the children out by 10am tomorrow. Someone who owed me some money has disappointed me today. Can you help? That unreasonable landlord of mine will not hear my plea for one more week by which time my debtor would have paid me. He is bent on taking his money for his Christmas expenses. Bad man. Please help,” She said.

This set me thinking for a while as I was also low on funds. The only available money we could possibly lay hands on was a family fund managed by Nii Armah, my junior sibling who, just two months ago, was transferred to Yendi, Northen Region from Accra. I shared this possibility with Moda and indicated that even if that money was available, the challenge was how she will receive it before the deadline.

“You see why I advised you to use a proper network.” I said.  “How can Nii Armah send money to you on this your AirtelTigo number that has so many challenges? I have put my AirtelTigo chip on hold,” I told her. To my surprise, my cousin laughed out loudly in spite of her predicament saying, “This is a proper network? It is very fast and smooth now. Try using your AirtelTigo number again. Please talk to Nii Armah to transfer money to my phone. I am waiting”.

At this time, it was well past midnight. We said our goodbyes, I called my Nii Armah in Yendi and the most amazing thing happened. His mobile banking app was activated in Yendi and he transferred money to Moda’s AirtelTigo line. By 5:00am, at Sekondi, Moda has transferred the rent amount to the Landlord and she and her children were resting peacefully in their rented accommodation. This is how AirtelTigo saved the day for Moda and her children and she could but remark “AirtelTigo network aye sharp paa” (meaning the network is now very reliable).

In the comfort of her room, Moda received the money on her AirtelTigo Money – ATM without moving a leg. She confirmed this when she passed by my office in Accra after the Christmas break. She was beaming with smiles as she informed me that her debtor had settled the debt, also through AirtelTigo Money. She went on to tell me how she transacts her trading business with suppliers and customers without carrying huge sums of money or going to the bank to waste time in queues.

“I can call my suppliers anywhere in Ghana and pay for goods through my AirtelTigo money and the clarity of the call is second to none”, she said. Moda told me how she is able to send pictures of products to suppliers to ensure she gets the right items due to the affordable “no expiry” data package she enjoys on AirtelTigo network.   “I have even joined the insurance on AirtelTigo” she laughed in excitement. She informed me she has returned the money she borrowed to Nii Armah and expressed her sincere gratitude for the gesture. When Moda left me, I could only share her joy about how AirtelTigo has made life simple, not just for her but all other AirtelTigo customers.

I have quickly gone back to using my AirtelTigo number.  The calls are clear, the data experience is great, and the network has improved. Browsing has been made easy and one can browse “saaah”. I kicked myself for not taking advantage of this simple life earlier. This AirtelTigo integration and upgrade last year has indeed brought immense benefits to customers and the digital community.

The network has expanded its reach across the country to enable customers talk to friends and family anywhere.  Moda’s call from one end of Ghana, Western Region to me in Accra testifies to the seamlessness of the AirtelTigo network and the clarity of the call.  With fast internet speed, subscribers get to know in real-time, happenings around the world.  The favourite of young people, which is to know about the latest music and videos, watch movies and share pictures among others, can be done with ease, thanks to AirtelTigo’s improved network.

Students and young entrepreneurs can access information and new opportunities.   Life on AirtelTigo brings that value with no complexities.   Whether you are a shop owner, a trader, a student, a CEO, a cleaner, a gardener, musician you name it, being on AirtelTigo will make life easy for you. Just as Moda and I are enjoying the digital world through AirtelTigo, you can also connect to get the best of the digital age. AirtelTigo is really here to make life simple.

“Klinkon!!” I can hear the WhatsApp notification on my phone. Aahh!!!, it’s Moda, she has sent me a New Year message in the form of an image. Ooh!!! I see a picture of the latest products she is selling. And AirtelTigo money notification too. Wao!! She just sent me some money to get some biscuits for the kids. That’s Moda for you. Indeed, AirtelTigo is here to make life simple.


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