How Nana Addo Continues To Kill His Chances


Initially, many political pundits, in spite of the never ending suspensions, defining the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and whatever little credibility is left of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, believes the opposition flagbearer, may pull this battle through and they were right in making such calls as at then.

There was also daily bashing of the party and the press as usual fed fat on it. I once opine that, the 2016 presidential and parliamentary election, was a penalty kick for the NPP, how they take it will determine, whether or not they would win.

So far instead of taking as Christiano Ronaldo, they instead have decide to take it, like Asamoah Gyan.

Looking at the factors that determine electoral victory, Nana Addo Dankwa, as at two months ago, was doing well in the race.

The presidential and parliamentary elections, which is four months away, and seems to have gained more interest and attention, is arguably a two horse race between the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), the rest are only adding to the numbers and an unnecessary cost to the tax payer.

Nana Addo’s stronghold of the Ashanti Region and the Eastern Region, are still under his control, despite the apathy that greeted him in 2008 and 2012. His real test is in the other eight regions, where he was hoping to make a capital out of sympathy votes.

Public perception (though battered, still share some level of sympathy for him), his health issue, coupled with his three times defeat to the NDC and the apathy of voters’ towards sitting presidents, if it was sustained, could have earned him victory, but alas, trust the NPP, to throw away an opportunity, because they are busy chasing shadows.

Events in the past few weeks have, however, shown clearly that the people with such believe of Nana Addo’s victory come December 7, 2016, may have overestimated the political exposure, determination and goodwill of the flagbearer, who many refer to as a globetrotter.

From available facts as reported by the Africawatch Magazine, the Pan African Magazine of Choice, Nana Addo, seems to be suffering from life threatening diseases, including Prostate cancer, acute kidney injury, and an enlarged heart, all these are creating a delusional image of popularity and acceptability, hence his decisions are irrationally taking and promises made without recourse to pragmatic events.

Away from the razzmatazz of social media, the defeat of Nana Addo at the poll on December 7, will be largely due to his own undoing.

In all sincerely, a close examination of Nana Addo’s disposition towards the December polls shows a man, who is tired of the pressures and demands associated with the presidential seat.

I am very certain left to Nana Addo and his close relatives, he would have thrown in the towel long ago, especially after the 2012 election and the subsequent election petition at the Supreme Court, which dragged on for well over eight months, and take a trip to the London, as he has always done after every leg of regional campaign, to take care of his ailing health, but for the notable cabals who would benefit immensely from his incapacitation. For them, the demand for him to continue, even if, as the former General Secretary, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie said, Nana Addo, will contest even when he is in a wheelchair, is overwhelming.

The list of the promises flying around from region to region, from the mouth of the NPP’s flagbearer, Nana Addo, shows clearly that he may not be well informed and is out of touch with reality.

He started with the one district, one factory policy; the devil as they say is in the details. So it came to pass that, when members of his campaign team, including Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, who was the former Trade and Industry minister, was asked to clarify, he went talking about Presidential Special Initiative (PSI), which collapsed under their very noses.

No member of the team had any clue about what Nana Addo was talking about. Immediately after this promise, Nana Addo, was scheduled to appear at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) Evening Encounter with Presidential candidates, he bailed, because he knew the questions, would be largely based on his audacious promise.

The next promise to follow this was his promise of dividing the Western region. A promise that was made without any thought. Anytime Nana Addo, sees a crowd, a promise must be made.

Accra was spared any ordeal of his promises, because he knows, we will see through his lies and so he took the promise train to the northern part of the country.

Ever village in the North, will get a dam, was his promise to the people of the three Northern regions. People clapped, shouted his name, before someone said, wait a minute, did Nana say a dam.

Yes! He said a dam, how is he able to build one dam in every village. Now his spokespersons are telling us, it was a matter of semantics and that he meant irrigation.

Nana Addo, is only making open ended promises, which leaves too much room for ambiguity. He should say what he means and mean what he says, instead of generating unnecessary debates, anytime he makes any promise.

His campaign tour, will take him to the Volta region, another promise awaits the people of that region and Ghanaians. I hope it will be a measured and realistic promise.

However, if there is one thing the NPP, has gotten right, it is its campaign strategy. Beyond criticism, the party has been able to put forward a well coordinated campaign with the youth at the forefront of its media and mobilization section. This has helped the party reach out to minds of young ones in schools, Colleges, Universities and other tertiary institutions.
How well that will translate to votes, only time will tell.

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