How Much Soli Has IMANI Paid Since Its Establishment?


Mr. Franklin Cudjoe and his know-it-all, be-it-all guys at IMANI, must be told in plain language that not every journalist in this country is corrupt, some journalist are above reproach and have helped in promoting them as individuals and IMANI.

The success story of IMANI, cannot be properly told without the contribution and exposure given them by the media, they will not be celebrating ten years of IMANI’s existence, if the media stood aloof and they did not give them the platform to sell their ideas. How much ‘Soli’, have they giving since they established IMANI?

You cannot accuse a journalist, who has over the years contributed meaningfully to the entrenchment and advancement of democracy and the media, without any basis, simply because you disagree politically with the person he interviewed.

The apology issued by Franklin Cudjoe, does not put the matter to rest. Out of the abundance of heart, the mouth speaketh; this is something that might have been discussed at length, before it was said on air, you cannot blow hot and cold at the same time.

Paul Adom Otchere, has interviewed all the politicians who matter in this country, CITI FM, where Franklin Cudjoe and Sydney Casely Hayford sat and made the scathing allegations, he is among the journalists, who started that station and helped it attain the leverage that it has now.

Paul Adom Otchere, started eye witness news and attracted a lot of listeners, before Shamima Muslim and Richard Dela Sky, took over.

Anytime a journalist attends any programme, after the programme both the journalist and the participant are given stipends, if we categorize and chastise the journalist for taking ‘Soli’, how about the participants who also took part in the programme, how will one describe what they take?

Journalists are not saints, like in any profession, you will find bad nuts, but you cannot lump all journalists and label them as Soli takers.

By the way where does IMANI, get it funds from?

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