How Much Is The Akufo-Addo Govt Mortgaging Ghana?

The Akufo-Addo government has not only moved the country a notch higher in terms of aid, but has reduced the nation to ridicule, before the comity of nations.

Africa, despite the abundance of natural resources, has always depended on its foreign partners for its sustenance. This is possible because our leaders have failed to think outside the box.

We have everything we need to feed ourselves and the rest of the world, yet we are amongst the poorest continent in the world.

Something happened last week that, should get every Ghanaian asking our leaders, what our crime was. The Chinese Ambassador donated GH¢10,000 to the Attorney General’s office and nobody in that office had the presence of mind and courage to tell them, to keep their money.

The Attorney General’s office is one of the most important and strategic ministry in this country and to be ridiculed like this, calls for sober reflection and introspection, so that, such a disgrace does not happen again in the future.

Before this was a donation to the Ghana Police Service by Ghana Association of Chinese Societies. Every donation must have a purpose, what was the purpose of these two donations. Did the Ghana Police Service and the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, solicit for help, or it was because both institutions are neck deep in the fight against galamsey, of which many Chinese nationals are involved?

Madam Gloria Akuffo, since her appointment is yet to assure the good people of this country that, she didn’t get her position by virtue of her closeness to the president, but that, she has the capacity to do the job.

This insult can only be tolerated in Ghana, a serious country; will consider this as a diplomatic blunder and the Ambassador will be sent packing out of the country.



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