How Many Times Should The President Be Misled?

Like his father, Edward Akufo-Addo in the second Republic, president Akufo-Addo, is gradually becoming a ceremonial president

He has mastered the art of giving speeches and sound bites. He has become like a King, who is too old to do anything, except to go and be reading speeches and inaugurating projects.

In the beginning was the plagiarized speech, during his investiture on January 7, 2017, which he didn’t author and so had no idea where what he was reading came from.

It was followed with many undesired events, but one worthy of mention was the Ameri renegotiated deal that led to the sacking of Boakye, to be replaced by the erratic and an immature John Peter Amewu who is suffering from inferiority complex, and now the Ghana beyond aid Committee plagiarizing a picture from Kenya.

The former minister of Energy was sacked, because according to the statement from Eugene Arhin, the president was misled in laying a bill before Parliament with an executive approval.

The latest, is the apology from Ghana Beyond Aid committee for the photo it used for the cover page of the strategy document.

The photo emanated from Kenya. The president who launched the book on May 1, had no clue what he was doing, he was only interested in the photo opportunity, as if he is a celebrity.

In the first place, why do we need a committee for Ghana beyond aid, when we already have an over bloated government with all manner of appointments?

The resources that should be devoted to providing infrastructure, essential amenities and social services are wasted on wage bills of these self-serving appointees, whose presence in government makes no significant difference.

The president, has decided to relentlessly hold on to surrounding himself with a retinue of appointees, who are largely hangers-on in the corridors of power and political jobbers without distinct contributions to the development of the country.

The more the agitations against the number of appointees, the more the president is neck-deep in it.

The situation has assumed a disturbing dimension, because quite recently the president appointed Chief Executive Officer for a non-existing Keta Sea Port.

As a newspaper, we humbly appeal to the president against the unnecessary appointments, because it is wasteful, uncivilised and against all democratic norms.

Although, there is no constitutional provision on the number of appointees, reason or common sense, should prevail.



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