How Close Are You To Your Phone Charger?


The most cherished and carried around device by anybody who has a handset these days is the charger. The experience is one of the most unfortunate dividends of dumsor.

The least chance one gets, regardless of where they are the first thing they look out for is a socket to pluck in their charger.

A visit to any office and the receptionist is asked, whether one could get a place to charge his or her phone.

Hospitals are not left out, patients, who visit health facilities for medical attention, despite their conditions carry their chargers along and plead with the nurses, whether they could be assisted to charge their phones.

You enter the office and the first thing that greets you, is the number of phones on charge, staff who hitherto come to work late are these days unusually early because, in the office even if the lights are out, they will have the benefit of a generator to charge their phones.

Trotro and taxi drivers are not spared this ordeal, as passengers plead with them to allow them charge their phones in the car.

Our chargers, have become like our headsets we carry them with us, wherever we go, an unfortunate situation the dumsor has created.

Friends stop by friend’s office in the middle of the day, just to spare thirty minutes to charge their phones and continue to wherever they are going.

The dumsor aside this inconvenience, has also made a lot of us liars, how many times have we not disappointed somebody, we have an engagement with.

The dumsor, has provided the telecommunications companies some respite, especially MTN gone are the days, when the popular excuse by anybody when they fail to meet appointments or call that when the call was placed, the response they got was the phone could not be reached because it was either switched off or out of coverage area.

Now the excuse is it is the dumsor oooh. My light has been off for seventy four hours, so could not charge my phone.

Power banks are also occupying people’s pockets like wallets.

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