How About Practising Autocracy ?

Following some features of democracy has led Ghana into it current condition. For instance, the frequent changes in government, existence of multi-party system, collective decision making, elected representation and many more. It was the hope of our forefathers to see Ghana as subject of developed countries and not vice versa. Not to compare but to tell, how Rwanda as a country have achieved impressive development gains since the 1994 genocide and civil war yet Ghana remains static with its achievement since Rwanda is almost on the same level with Ghana.

However with several considerations made, should there be the practice of autocracy as a system of government, there would be rapid development in Ghana. In the sense that, there would be likelihood for the existence of one party system with no change in government or if there should be a change, it will consider a long period of time. Therefore, whenever a ruling government commences with a project they will be likely to complete it before their tenure of office expires.

Again, multi-party democracy is supportive and useful for the economic growth of developing countries, only when the parties have at least some common goals and ideologies towards national benefit. If there is absolute heterogeneity in ideologies, goals and approaches, it creates chaos and this hinders the growth of the country. For instance, as the two leading parties in Ghana (i.e National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party) have different ideologies and objectives towards the gains of Ghana. Should one of these parties happen to be in opposition, they will always deny the good things associated with the ruling parties and highlight the bad things and vice-versa.

Also, with the issue of elected representation, in every democratic state it entails the summation of opinionsby citizens on a subject matter through various channels including their representatives. But it is mostly noticed in the Ghanaian society how decisions are made from the top to bottom. Here, if a citizen should express their grievances to their representatives it only falls on rocky grounds as little or no attention been paid to it but will always persist if it does not suit their own gains.

These and many moreare the issues of democracyin the Ghanaian society, hence should we divert awhile to the practice of autocracy the will be greater development for both our leaders and citizens of this loving country be it economically or socially despite the demerits autocracy has got.


Hormeku Margaret Mawusi

Ghana Institute of Journalism



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