Hotels In Ghana To Get Service Standards


The Ghana Hotels Association (GHA) is set to launch service standards for its member hotels throughout the country. Comprising of about 1000(one thousand} member hotels of various grades in the country, the association in collaboration with its stakeholders will launch service standards for this sector of the industry, to harmonize service operations in the country.

“Even though there is in place the ECOWAS harmonized standards, these are guidelines for the development of hotel infrastructure”, said the national president of GHA Mr. Herbert Acquaye,” however, service standards which are at the core of hotel operations are absent”

This situation in the country has led to inconsistent levels of service in hotel facilities. The resultant efffect of this is the unsatisfactory services leading to constant complaints from dissatisfied guests. The service standards when launched, is expected to harmonize service operations in the hotel facilities; thereby improving on guests satisfaction.

As part of this programme to launch the service standards, the GHA has already undertaken the following consultative events:
• Stakeholder consultation to discuss current problems
• Advocacy training for members of the association
• Research into some of the existing service standards being used elsewhere,to incorporate best practice
• Sensitization and dialogue programmes to facilitate acceptance and enforcement of the standards

In the next few weeks the following events will be held:
• Dialogue with key stakeholders and targets of advocacy to facilitate the validation of these standards
• Monitoring and evaluation of feedback from these new service standards.

It is the view of the association that implementation of these service standards would help:
1. The GTA to evolve new criteria for inspections and grading
2. Serve as a benchmark to guide various grades of hotels to produce appropriate policies and procedures
3. Develop simplified regimes for regulators’ inspection, grading and granting of permits
4. Improve service delivery and patronage

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