Hopeson Adorye Sacked As Airport Security Director


Director of Security at Kotoka International Airport (KIA) VVIP section, Hopeson Yaovi Adorye, has been ousted from office according to credible information available to The Herald.

Hopeson Adorye

The appointment of Mr. Adorye, who recently married gospel songstress GiftyAdorye, was terminated last week,for no known reason leaving room for all kinds of wild speculations including claims that his Arabian-style wedding with a luxurious RollsRoyce Car brought too much attention to him to the embarrassment of government.

The dismissal has led to complains of ingratitude from Mr. Adorye, who is one of the very dedicated NPP youths and credited with the many hatchet jobs including assaults on political opponents in radio studios.

His sacking preceded the booting out of the Managing Director (MD) of the Ghana Airport Company John DekyemAttafuah and the dissolution of the board through a letter dated 16th January 2019 and signed by the Aviation Minister, Joseph Kofi Adda.

Reason for Hopeson’s sudden removal is not readily available but this paper’s checks point to certain actions and inactions on the part of Mr. Adorye, who is a communication team member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), which may have cost him his job.

According to this paper’s sources within government circles, Adorye’s removal was as result of accusation that while serving as head of VVIP section of the KIA, he allowed every “Tom, Dick and Harry” to use the privileged VVIP section; a security zone managed by National Security Secretariat, for their private travels abroad.

According to information, people within government were said to be displeased with the carelessness with which he discharged his duty at the airport. There were fears of illegal substances passing through the VVIP section, which could embarrass the image of Ghana, internationally.

The Herald cannot independently tell where Hopeson, had his training as far as security issues are concerned but it can recall that eyebrows were raised after his appointed as the man in-charge of the world class Terminal Three was made.

There are some who have also alluded to the fact that Mr. Adorye may have angered the powers that be because of the public show of opulencein December when he tied the knot with his now wife popularly known as Empress Gifty.

The engagement and wedding ceremonies, privately held at Tema, was the second marriage for the two after the singer’s first marriage with a Tema based Prophet, Elisha Osei collapsed few years ago. Hopeson had also lost his German-based wife in 2017 following protracted ill health. The two events reportedly cost the couple a fortune.

Aside the aforementioned reasons, there are some who believe that Mr.Adorye lost his job as a result of a story The Herald published few days to the Christmas festivities last year where he was accused of absconding with a Toyota Land cruiser V8 vehicle, he purchased from Car Port, a garage company at Kotobaabi in Accra.

Hopeson, according to the company purchased the vehicle at Ninety Five Thousand Dollars (US95, 000) in April 25 2017, but the politician who appears to have taste for good things, refused payment as agreed.

According to owner of Car Port, Edmund Osei Kofi’s account, the agreement between them was for Mr. Adorye to defray the said $95, 000 within a period of three months, that same year. His first payment of $32, 000 was expected to be made on May 25, 2017 while the second amount of $32, 000 was to be settled on June 25 2017. The said vehicle is registered as GE-2825-17.

“We asked him to give us cheque for the first and second payment, but he didn’t. He asked us to give him a little more time because he was tight up as his wife was sick in Germany and pleaded that we allow him to go and see her so we agreed.

“He was confronted after we allowed for some time to take care of his domestic matters but yet still he refused to pay even after the wife died. Not even a pesewa has been paid. He hasn’t given me even $1 as we speak never has he called me,” he told this paper.

Numerous visits to his then airport office with Hopeson’s friend, one Bismark (Guarantor), who led him to purchase the vehicle, were unsuccessful. He said, Hopeson resorted to playing hide and seek with the company as anytime they went to the KIA, they were told he was unavailable.

“You go to his office and you are told his not around. We have been to his office with a mutual friend, Bismark, who brought him here to buy the car and another man from Kumasi, Nana Kwarteng, but he is still playing adamant”.

When Herald reached Mr Adorye on phone, he confirmed that he bought the said vehicle but said it was no news because he has already said it on both television and radio.

Mr Adorye, who sounded very rude when the issue of the vehicle was mentioned, got infuriated in the less than two minutes interview, when he was asked if it was true that indeed he hadn’t paid for the vehicle.

“But this thing, I said it on TV, I have said it on radio, so what is it? Yes, I bought it but that one is Herald the one going to pay? You can go ahead and publish it,” he said before hanging up.

His action is said to have dented the office he occupied reason some think his stay in that office has been short lived.










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