Hon. Twum Nuamah Takes Advantage Of Miss Hammah’s Gaffes To Be Popular


I mean seriously, since when did we become a gullible nation. A nation that spends it time, talking about things that really must not be entertained and giving space in a sane and mature society.

We are free to express our opinions and discuss topics that range from, who has the right to rule this country, how mosquitoes have sex, which political party has stupid followers, between former President Jerry John Rawlings and John Agyekum Kufuor who performed better, which political party had the largest following, whether the Mayor of Accra had the right to name the Hockey Stadium after late President Mills, when it had already been named after somebody etc.

But to waste airtime to discuss whether, Deputy Minister of Communication, Victoria Hammah should be dismissed by President John Dramani Mahama, is the lowest ebb any society could sink.

Last Wednesday, I wrote an article captioned “Is IMANI The Hall of Knowledge In Ghana”, where I took issues with the founder and CEO, Franklin Cudjoe for describing Members of Parliament (MP), as ‘sleepy whores’.

The unnecessary generalization is what caught my attention and enraged me, as not all MPs could be described in such harsh and uncouth manner, certainly not mine.

I was raised and so don’t want to descend so low as Franklin Cudjoe did, with his choice of words. But truth be told, some of our MPs don’t have any business being in the August House. The name “Honourable” does not come cheap, it is not for sale in the market or supermarket, neither is it to be bore by just any busy body, nor any non-entity. It is a title fit for serious men and women with panache and a sense of purpose.

The President, John Dramani Mahama, first cut his political teeth as an MP for Bole-Bamboi, what he has become today is because of how he carried himself and his contribution in the House, which enabled him to make friends across the political divide.

He did not do gutter politics, he used his time judiciously and engaged in debates that puts him ahead of his peers and seniors, he came to meet in Parliament. It was no wonder when he was made the running mate to the late Prof. Mills, he attracted a lot of people which eventually led to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), winning the elections in 2008. The same character was what played to his advantage and led him to win the 2012 elections.

Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo, although started active politics in the 70’s, his sterling performance and contribution on National Issues on the floor of Parliament in the Fourth Republic, was what won the heart of New Patriotic Party (NPP) faithful to give him the nod to lead them in both the 2008 and 2012 elections.

I cannot in one article, catalogue the contributions of MPs we have had in our recent history, except to say great men and women who have steered the affairs of this country have one time or another made a showing in the House.

You may be wondering what I am talking about. I am not a happy man today, I am not happy because some people have decided to repose their confidence in one man, who was to go and represent them in Parliament, unfortunately that person is not fit for the responsibility.

I am talking about, Dr. Kwabena Twum Nuamah, Member of Parliament (MP) for Berekum East, thank God wholeheartedly you are not from his Constituency.

“The New Patriotic Party (NPP), Member of Parliament for Berekum East in the Brong Ahafo Region, Dr. Kwabena Twum Nuamah, has found time off his Parliamentary duties to call on President John Mahama to sack the Deputy Minister for Communication, Victoria Hammah for ‘displaying immaturity and incompetence”’.

“According to Dr. Nuamah, Ms. Victoria Hammah has continuously committed “unpardonable mistakes” that should not be entertained by the President.

“Ms. Hammah recently was caught on camera complaining before her audience about the content of a speech she read, at the launch of a campaign against Cyber Crime in Ghana.

“She claimed the speech she was given was not the one she had edited earlier, and resorted to reading “from her mind”.

“The Deputy Minister is also reported to have made a similar goof at the launch of the Expresso Ghana ACE Fibre Cable days ago, where she said before her audience that, there was a typographical error in her speech and blamed it on her aide”.
Must everything in this country be politicized?

This man was in parliament when contracts were awarded to companies without Parliamentary approval, for which they later came to demand judgement debt. It took the vigilance of the Judiciary, i.e. the court to reverse the trend. Wouldn’t it have been productive and worth his time, if the MP would look into contracts awarded to companies without the blessings of Parliament?

First of all, this is the first time I am hearing of the existence of Dr. Nuamah, I want to pardon him, based on the fact that he is also taking advantage of an obvious blunder on the part of the Deputy Minister to be popular.

What is his contribution in Parliament, I seriously want to know?

In the calls for her dismissal and condemnation, another person who surprised me is Andy Awuni, Former Presidential Spokesperson and Press
Secretary to former President John Agyekum Kufuor, who also waded into the controversy.

He said, “It is proper for young people to assume leadership positions but there is a clear difference between young people who have experience and know what to do and young people who do not have experience in many ways”.

What was the level of his (Andy Awuni’s) experience, at least politically when former President Kufuor appointed him? Didn’t he learn on the job?

Has any of the above mentioned persons, taken their time to find out whether Victoria Hammah is being sabotaged? Is Somebody trying to get at her, if not how can a script she edited be substituted with the earlier one?

Why must we always assume that politicians are wrong all the time?

I thought Andy Awuni and the Honourable MP would find better and productive use of their time than engaging in an apparent blunder on the part of a Minister, who must be encouraged and told politely not to behave the way she did in public.

Dear Madam Victoria
I am not the one to remind you about the brouhaha that accompanied your appointment. President Mahama was vilified and so were you. Suddenly, pictures of you after the announcement of your appointment started popping up on social media platforms with so many comments. A lot of people questioned your capacity to be able to fit into that position. I had cause to advise you to be careful and thread cautiously.

You have crossed the threshold where puerile behavior is entertained and will go unnoticed. You are now a Minister of State and a lot is expected of you, if not for you but for the fact that tax payers money is what is used to pay you. So before you go baloney and gaga, remember the citizenry demands that you live above reproach.

I believe this is our time. There is no better time for the youth than now.
How well we are judged, depends on the way people like you behave. If it is that you are deficient in how to carry yourself in public, it is not too late to learn.

A lot of people are only waiting for you to slip and then they will pounce on you. Politics is a game of minds, please use yours.
I believe you can make a difference. Some of us believe in your ability and are behind you, but should you let us down, we will have no option than to demand our pound of flesh.

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