His Will Scholars Foundation Gives To Schools In Volta North


From Samuel Mensah Torbizo- Kumasi

His Will Scholars Foundation (HWSF), a non- governmental organization (NGO) based in the Volta region, has donated learning materials to two deprived basic schools in the region.

Kadzasi kofe and Sekeli –Bidi District Authority (D/A) primary schools all in the Krachi East District of North Volta, were the recipients of the materials estimated to have cost the NGO a GH¢1,000.00.

The NGO, touched the lives of over eighty school children by distributing exercise books, pens, pencils and erasers, while each of the two head teachers, received notebooks.

The founder of the organization, Mr. Israel Tosu, explained to The Herald via telephone conversation that the aim of the NGO is to help the needy school children to have access to the required learning materials.

“Our main objective is to support children from deprived areas who lack the needed learning materials to participate in class activities so that they can equally do their best through our supported,” he indicated.

He revealed that, additionally over eighty pupils from poor back grounds in different schools within the district, would benefit from similar gesture before schools go on vacation.

“Who knows what any of these children will become in the future. It is our avowed commitment to extend the program to other districts in the region”, he said.

According to him, it is sometimes disheartening to see some of the pupils sitting idle, while their counterparts are very busy doing class work or other assignments, with the simple reason that they do not have exercise books and other learning materials.

“The future of these young ones something dear to me it is worrying to see some of them struggling to buy exercise books even to the extent that some are sacked from class or caned by their teachers,” he noted.

Mr. Tosu, pointed out that the demand on the state to provide the requisites learning materials for schools are very huge, hence his setting up of the organization to play a complementary role to the effort of the government.

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