Help Mahama Fight Corruption –Pelpuo Tells Ghanaians


The Minister of State in charge of Private-Public Partnerships at the Presidency, Mr. Rasheed Pelpuo, is calling for more citizen involvement in the fight against corruption in the country.

According to the Minister, the passing of the Right to Information (RTI) bill will be a major step in making this possible.

“I want to see every Ghanaian be part of the government, every Ghanaian to see the government as their government and every Ghanaian to contribute to make sure that corruption does not take root in Ghana,” he said.

Speaking to Citi News, the Member of Parliament for Wa Central constituency stated that the time has come for Ghanainas to show more interest in what the government is doing to fight corruption.

“If we sit down and watch and just expect the government to be in charge of the economy and the same government in charge of monitoring corruption and punishing people who are corrupt and then the rest of us just sit down and complain, I think that we are coming to a point in our political life when everyone has to get involved,” said the MP.

His comments come in the wake of various reports on corrupt deals between public officials and private companies with the recent one being the GRA/Subah scandal in which the Ghana Revenue Authority allegedly paid millions to Subah Infosolutions LTD, for no work done.

Responding to questions on whether the government is ensuring that corrupt are prosecuted, the minister said that “the government has appointed the sole commissioner for judgement debt, set up the ministerial committee on GYEEDA” as well as the “President setting up an anti-corruption mechanism at the presidency.”

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