Heavy Rain Hits Kwanwoma J.H.S Block, Chief Calls For Support


The Chief for Kwanwoma, a community within the Atwima Kwanwoma District Nana Kofi Agyei IV has called on government to extend a hand of support to over 240 students of Kwanwoma D/A primary and Junior High school who were on the 20th April 2015 affected by a heavy downpour that ripped away the entire roof of their J.H.S block.

Addressing the pathetic situation faced by the students in question who are currently studying under palm and teak trees in an interview with THE HERALD, he noted that the above if addressed will facilitate their academic progress and save the situation of their likelihood withdrawal by some discouraged parents to other schools following their present academic condition.

According to the status-quo, students have since the unfortunate occurrence been denied the privilege of enjoying good learning condition as they are now forced to cope with the challenge of studying under teak and palm trees. Tables and chairs meant for academic works have to be always carried outside and arranged under the above shady plants before they can start their routine academic works.

Sadly, academic sessions are always brought to a complete halt whenever there is a downpour and whenever the intensity of the heat emanating from the scorching sun defies the shade provided by the trees.

Apart from the affected J.H.S block which also comprises an office and a store room, some sections of the roof of the primary block which is currently in a dilapidated nature was also partially stripped away by the same cats and dogs rain.

To worsen the situation, the rusty nature of the roof appears perforated at several parts on the surface making it leaky any time it rains. A number of parents residing in the community who have their wards enrolled in the school during a vox-pop lamented the condition faced by the ward and threatened relocating their wards from the school if the matter is not addressed as a matter of urgency.

Nana Kofi Agyei IV who has education at heart and for that reason has been honoured for his undiluted support to Girl-child education in the district in a passionate appeal called on government and for that matter the District NADMO officials, the District Chief Executive Officer and other well wishers to come to their assistance to help salvage the situation.

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