Head Teacher Headbutts School Prefect


….Over Mock Exam Fee

From Samuel Mensah Torbizo,Kumasi

Drama unfolded last Tuesday at Amangoase District Authority (D/A) Junior High School (JHS) in the Ahafo Ano South District in the Ashanti region, when the head teacher of the school, Abdul Haleen -Mor, head butted the outgoing school prefect, Wonder Agbenorto, over the latter’s nonpayment of Gh¢6 district mock examination fee.

The nasty incident, which happened in the full glare of the other students, occurred when the head teacher, forcefully tried to dip his hands into Agbenorto’s pocket, to take any amount he could find to defray the mock fee owed by his school prefect, who is also preparing for next month Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

Master Agbenorto, giving the account of what transpired between him and his head teacher via telephone conversation with this reporter, explained that in the morning, when he got to school, he informed Mr. Haleen -Mor that his elder brother, who was supposed to pay for the examination fee, had travelled and would return around 11 am same day.

He promised that he (Agbenorto) would go and collect the money to settle his debt as soon as his brother returns home.

The school prefect said, the head teacher did not say anything, but when the examination was about to commence, he started to drive out the debtors and when he got to him, he wanted to search his pocket to find out if he was having money on him.

According to Master Agbenorto, he resisted the attempt by his head teacher to search his pocket on the ground that his friend, Kwadjo Poku, had given him GH¢4. 0 for keeps, he felt should Mr. Haleen- Mor, chanced upon that money, he would take it by force, since he is noted for taking radical action against any student, who disobeyed his directives.

“Our head teacher held me by my knickers firmly and pulled me with vigor and in the process portion of my knickers tore, exposing my underwear,’’ he affirmed.

He said, as if that was not enough, Mr. Haleen-Mor, head butted his mouth causing injury to his upper lip.
Master Agbenorto, averred that their head teacher, has penchant for physically assaulting any student, who undermines his order.

He explained that, in one instance when he drove away another student, Emmanuel Brobbey, over the nonpayment of the same mock fee, when he (Emmanuel ) went home and did not return, Mr. Haleen-Mor, followed up to the house and gave him some hefty slaps, with the reason that he went and slept.

When contacted, the head teacher, denied the accusation.

He contended that, it was not his intention to gore the mouth of Master Agbenorto, but in the cause of struggling with him to search his pocket, both of them slipped, and his head accidentally hit the mouth of the school boy.

“ It was true , I held his uniform in an attempt to conduct a check on him to see what he hiding in his pocket but he resisted and as we both struggled I slipped off and my head hit his mouth ,it was a minor incidents,” he insisted.

When probed further, whether it was ethical for him as a professionally trained teacher to have struggled with his student in the full glare of the other students, he could not give any convincing explanation, but only said ,“ I know it is my saboteurs who have been executing these negative agenda against me’’.

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