Have We So Soon Forgoten About Prof. Mills


Death, we are told ends all things, this statement resonated in my mind, when over the weekend, I woke up with the late President, John Evans Atta Mills on my mind.

He is not dead for ten years, and already he is fading in our minds, thoughts, except on the lips of one man, who has never spared a moment to berate the man, anytime he gets the opportunity.

Former President, Jerry John Rawlings, who raised the hand of his Vice-President in Swedru, in what has become known as the Swedru declaration and set the ball rolling to his eventual victory in 2008, is surprisingly the one, who thinks the worst thing to happen to this country is Prof. John Evans Atta Mills.

Our elders have a saying that, if you cannot give anything to your in-law, don’t steal from him. If the founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has anything good to say about the late President, he should cease talking about him.

It is no longer fun, it is rather getting petty and childish, what at all has the man done to him that, even in death he wouldn’t let go of the pain.

I choose to celebrate him; I choose to remember him, even if nobody does.

We wailed, shared crocodile tears, eulogized him when he passed, we used it to further our political agenda, everything in Ghana, was suddenly named after him, but his memory died immediately the tears stopped rolling, we are back to where we have always been, not celebrating our heroes.

He came into politics a humble man; President Mills’s type of participation in politics was not to acquire wealth, but to fight for the good of the common man.

President Mills is not like the present set of politicians of today, who are into politics to enrich themselves, cronies and member of their families; he left behind nothing, except his dignity.

The NDC is better today because of him, the government can boast of many developmental projects, because he initiated them. President Rawlings has the audacity to insult him because he was incorruptible.

This country lost an illustrious son, the moment we wish him away into history, we will lose track of what our duties are, what it means to be a leader and what the people expect of their leaders.

He spoke with compassion, he acted with passion, he protected and defended our heritage against foreign takeovers, such a man and all we do to honour him, is to organizeyearly anniversary, where people who knew him, are called to give lecture, is not enough.

Sadly, for such an icon and a true hero of a nation, the NDC, as a political partyin government, has not done enough to immortalize him, the way it should have done.

The NDC will wobble along, if the party because of the trappings of power today, decides to throw away what the man stood and fought for.

His charisma and selfless leadership endeared a lot of people to the party, we all witnessed the machinations that took place in 2008, and his peaceful nature won him many accolades, including the popular ‘Asomdwehene’.

The lectures are a good way to remember him, but are not enough, when even what is said at the lectures is lost in no time.

It is a one evening event, carried live on one or two radio stations, and we are back to business as usual.

His less than four years as President, was one of the best times of this nation’s history, he is not perfect, but his good sides far exceed his flaws.

He was one of the most vilified and insulted personalities of our time, yet as President, he forgave even his bitterest enemies.

President John Evans Atta Mills, was indeed one of a kind.

In addition to being an honest politician, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, was also a distinguished academic and teacher. He thought and mentored many of lawyers and tax experts in this country. Many showered praises on him and recollected their experience with him, when he used to teach.

His tireless efforts and doggedness over the years were rightly rewarded when in 2008, after losing the 2000 and 2004 elections to President John Agyekum Kufuor, he was third time lucky.

Despite these towering achievements, it seems that the Ghanaian government and the National Democratic Congress, has not come to terms with the potentials in his greatness.

We buried him, along with all that he stood for; we allow some nitwits and busy-bodies to insult and denigrate his legacy.

Ex president Rawlings, must be told in no uncertain terms that, we are different, not even twins think and act the same. Leaders are not defined by how much they can insult, but by how much their decisions impact society.

For nineteen years, you led this country, Ghanaians endured you, you did your part, this country will forever be grateful to you for restoring democracy, you left when the applause was up for you, if you had solved all the problems confronting the country, we will not have been where we are today with the myriad of problems.

We have missed his humility, we have to endeavor as a nation to celebrate and remember our leaders when they are no more. What happened to all the roads and schools named after him, were they just charades, because he had just fallen down and we needed to do something to represent something.

We have instituted and declared some days as public holidays that we observe every year, why not a day for President Mills, that is the best gift and honour, we can bestow on him.

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