Have Our Engineers Failed Us?


Every year around this time, we are always confronted with flooding, which destroys everything in its wake.

Every year around this time, we will engage each other in discussions about what need to be done to avert any future occurrence.

Every year around this same time, the rains exposes everything we have done wrong and the promises and pledges we fail to redeem.

What we have failed as a people is to sanction and punish those whose negligence and recklessness, lead to the death and destruction of properties.
Until, we decide to let the axe fall, we are never going to get anywhere and achieve anything.

No serious country will let serious crimes, intentionally perpetrated go unpunished;we cannot continue to count our losses every year, when those who compromise our safety, are walking free.

We have engineers in this country, who are by training are to ensure thatour streets are well planned to avoid the unnecessary flooding that we witnessed every year.

Our bus stops are not well situated to avoid and minimize traffic; one wonders why a bus stop is put immediately after a traffic light.

They must possibly be a reason why that is done, but available evidence points to the fact that, it does not serve it purpose, if anything at all,
it has created so many problems for commuters.

Anytime there is a least down pour, the streets get flooded. Sometime back, we know it is homes that are flooded, but now even streets that are considered principal also have their share of the floods.

We can no longer pretend all is well, we can no longer continue paying people, who do not do anything, we cannot continue paying people, whose actions lead to the death of innocent lives and lose of properties.

We all believe in God, Muslims pray five times every day, Christians go to church on Sunday, people of other faith also observe their Sabbath, yet we are the same people killing our brethrens through our actions and inactions.

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