Hassan Ayariga Must Grow Up


In every game they are rules, without rules they will be chaos, even the rights that we enjoy under the Constitution, come with responsibility.

Elections are the very synthesis of every sane clime; we cannot have free and fair elections without rules and regulations.

The most important job in any society is to lead people, it is as important as it is equally challenging. It is a job that is reserved for the brave, wise and those with the passion to change society.

It is said that, the gods give power to those, who exhibit a little power, meaning preparation meets opportunity.

Something happened in 2016 that we have never witnessed since 1992, when we ushered in the fourth republican dispensation.

Since 1992, almost every Tom, Dick and Harry, leading political parties that can’t even win district level election is registered by the Electoral Commission (EC) and allowed to contest presidential election.

In 2016, for the first time, the EC, brought some semblance of sanity into the process by following to the latter, rules and regulations governing the conduct of elections.

Any political party that failed to meet every criteria in filling the form was disqualified. Hell broke loose and the chairperson of the EC, Madam Charlotte Osei, was basterdised, called names, curses hailed at her, as though she made the rules.

Almost all the seven disqualified candidates headed to the court to have them reinstated. Reason prevailed and the court granted their reliefs and so it came to pass that, most of them were back on the ballot paper.

All the ugly noises we heard, and the threat of civil war, when they were disqualified came to nothing, as their showing at the polls was so poor. Rejected votes once again did better than all the smaller parties combined.

Hassan Ayariga of the All Progressive Congress (APC), who was among the candidates who were disqualified by the Commission based on irregularities on their forms.

“I still stand by my earlier claim that Madam Charlotte Osei is stupid, and I would even add that she is ignorant to manage the EC office”, he told Bright Kwesi Asempa, host of the Onua FM morning show “Yen Nsem Pa”.

We can gloss over certain comments coming from a compulsive buffoon, but we cannot keep quiet, when in his characteristic self, he takes delight in calling Madam Charlotte Osei stupid.

Hassan Ayariga, cannot be properly characterized. He cannot be characterized because he has no character.

In the 2012, this hasty, nasty, undignified, crass and clueless man was given to us by another unserious political party, occupying space—People’s National Convention (PNC).

How such a political which was once led by the president of the third republic, Dr. Hilla Liman, could throw to the Ghanaian electorates this most odious man, I am still wondering.

He was the star actor of shame in that election; he has even become a more audacious miscreant.

Hassan Ayariga, must know that, he is today in the public space because of the generosity of Ghanaians, it was us, who decided in 1992 that, we have had enough of military rule and we wanted democracy. We deserve some respect from those benefiting from the dividends of that singular act, which has given voice to many people.

Rules are meant to be obeyed, if you cannot fill a simple form, how fit and ready are you to govern more than 25million people.

Losing out in every contest is very painful, especially for politicians, who see the opportunity to be on the ballot, as an opportunity to become rich.

Hassan Ayariga, benefited from being a buffoon, he did not add anything to our politics, except he rather profited from it.

He was not alone in that venture; we have new entrepreneurs in town called political entrepreneurs ‘politreneurs’.

Our leaders who do understand the value of the power they have and how they can use to further the course of their people, will prefer to be given our money to these politicians, who can’t even make one percent of the valid votes cast.

Hassan Ayariga is a product of that institute and he feels anytime a microphone is put before him, he has to insult our sensibilities.

Hassan Ayariga, keeps pushing the boundaries of insanity, he has engaged himself in more naked dance, in an attempt to attract attention to himself.

We now know him for who he is, Ghanaians have had enough of him, we thank him for successfully competing with the basket mouth and DKB’s of our time, but the stage is closing in on him and becoming smaller, if he will be visiting his vitriolic attacks on the innocent Electoral Commission chairperson, who is obviously having a taste of public life.

Nothing in his pattern of behavior suggests that he has forgiven the woman or intends to.

To preside over elections in this country or anywhere in the world for that matter is not a joke. Mistakes will be made, toes stepped on, but the ability of both parties to rise above the hurt is a sign of maturity.

Hassan Ayariga, should let the bitterness go, he should rise above the pettiness, for how long can you hold your disqualification over the woman. For what it is worth, she was only doing her job.







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