Has The Minority Leader Forgoten How He Got Elected To The August House


The Minority Leader, Osei Kyei -Mensah -Bonsu, is not only deliberately or conveniently and even inconveniently amnesic about his past, he is also desperately lying to himself about his political future.

This explains why he cannot seem to accept the basic idea of democracy that got him to Parliament in the first place. Democracy, if he needs reminding, is a market of place of ideas, which allows for healthy contest. There are no middle lines in politics, you wither win or lose.

Tomorrow, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) will hold parliamentary primary in all the Constituencies across the country, to elect candidates for the 2016 parliamentary election.

The Minority Leader, who is afraid of competition and has shown that he is not a good sportsman, has advocated that leadership in parliament must be protected, he went on to suggest that the party institute regulations that will protect leaders of the Minority in the House.

Here is the unvarnished truth and this truth is the purpose of my post: The real character of Osei Kyei -Mensah -Bonsu is in view now.

His failure as a Minority leader, is under the radar now and I am fully certain that delegates voice will be heard loud tomorrow, when he will be replaced. His survival now depends on a regulation that he wants the party to introduce.

This same man had the audacity to say that he will be a better President than President, John Dramani Mahama, yet his Constitutes do not see him fit enough to continue to represent them in the August House.

Listen to him, when he granted in an interview to a Kumasi based Fox FM, “My performance in parliament is 100 percent better than that of John Mahama during his parliamentary days. He is my friend and I know what he can and cannot do”.

Mensa-Bonsu is not the repository of knowledge, Parliament does not exist at his behest, and Parliament will be there long after we are all gone. He has served his time and time is up for him to bid the place farewell.

His latest cry of wolf is an attempt to hang onto a maggot infested straw. The fear of losing, if care is not taken, is a threat to our nascent democracy. The sense of entitlement informing the actions of our leaders, who claim to be democrats is what nearly marred the 2012 presidential election.

Parliament is not a private business for Mensa- Bonsu, 20 years in Parliament is long enough for him to exit and allow fresh limbs to take over from him.

The country is proud of his contributions to strengthening parliament and at the right time, when the names of those who have contributed immensely to our democracy is mentioned, his name will sure find space in our history books.

The logic of his argument is warped, in the sense that nobody was born an MP, whatever he has become and knows about the August House, was because he learnt the ropes and truly he did well. Anybody in his position 20 years in the August House, will probably know or do better than him.

His Deputy, Dominic Nitiwul, who is a first timer, is doing far better than him, if you ask me. Should he exit next year, Nitiwul, is in a better position to take over from him as the Minority Leader.

What at all is in Parliament that the ‘Mugabes” are not realizing that they have served their purpose and are no longer needed, they will go through hell just to get there and turn round to tell us the prospectse is not good.

The list cut across the political divide, especially the two dominant forces, the NPP and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

What is happening to Mensa- Bonsu, is a wake-up call to those NDC MPs, who think the seats they occupy is their property and they have it for keeps.

There is one in Madina, who is quick to issue threats of law suit, anytime you try to draw his attention to the realities on the ground. His days like Mensa -Bonsu is also numbered. It is not too late for him to try and correct his ways, but should things stand the way they are, I am sorry NDC, is going to lose that seat.

Osei Kyei –Mensa- Bonsu, has used the better part of his years in the August House locked in such mortal political combats, that he forgot the mandate he wields. One can only imagine the effect of this on his ordinary Constituents, knowing how our people are easily the playthings of politicians and inciters.

Unfortunately for him, the people are no longer in a state of trance; they are wide awake and can tell that he has not done anything to advance their interest.

Everything has a life span, even humans do, sometimes the people will still love you, but your input is no longer needed. As an astute politician, you should know when the applause is up and exit gracefully.

Holding onto power, whiles you watch it slip away is very painful and I can understand what the Minority Leader and MP for Suame is going through, I am too young to advice him, but Sir, time is up.

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