Has Nana Akufo-Addo Been Aquited And Discharged?


The most talked about and discussed personality in our political space, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo, the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), seem to be on a sabbatical leave.

This is someone who has pledged his kidney, his liver and even his soul just so he could become the President of Ghana, come January 7, 2017, after two failed attempts.

There is no limit to which Nana Addo, is ready to go just to fulfill his lifelong dream, there has to be a limit to which a man can and should do in search of power, but not Akufo-Addo.

He has filled the political space for all the wrong reasons, when he first made the attempt in 2008 to lead the NPP. He lost in that election, but not before putting up a legal gymnastic to stop Dr. Kwadwo Afari- Gyan and the Electoral Commission, from going ahead to hold the Tain polls that decided the 2008 presidential election.

One of the many tragedies of the Nana Addo narrative is that too many of his friends and relatives are/were not sincere. They lied to him. They betrayed him. They
used him. And now, like a broke piece of tumbler, they are about to toss him away.
We all hear of Agenda 2020 by certain element in the party, who feel that the old man has over stayed his welcome and served his purpose, but that is not my focus today.

Maybe you have not realized, but I have for almost a month Nana Addo, has not made the headlines and it sounds like an abnormality. The man loves to read himself; he does not hesitate for a minute to make news.

His defacto Chief Of Staff, Yaw Osafo Marfo, got ahead of himself, when he decided to take over the role of Nana Addo, in that widely discussed ethnocentric comments he made.

Osafo Marfo, why now, that kind of reckless statement is Nana Addo’s claim to fame, we heard it in the run up to the 2012 election, when he suggested that the Akan people are more superior to any other tribe, how pathetic.

I was beginning to ask myself when will Nana Addo, make another triumphant entry when the President, John Dramani Mahama, made his dead goat syndrome comment in far away Botswana. I am not in the least enthused about people arrogating to themselves accolades that they do not deserve. The President must certainly have had a slip of tongue, as languages such as the dead goat syndrome is a sole preserve of Nana Addo.

The President’s comment was taken out of context, it was made in reference to the age old canker that has always come back to haunt us after every election. We always outspend the budget in election years and he was sending a word of caution to everybody, labour unions especially who most often make ridiculous demands in election year.

We should applaud him and pat him on the back for saying that he is not afraid to lose election, if his winning means dislodging the gains we have made then his prepared to lose. Instead of looking at the bigger picture of precedence for future leaders, we rather want to hang him out to dry.

I thought that the President’s comment was a prelude to Nana Addo’s entrance and then ‘Bam’, a High Court Judge acquitted and discharged, embattled businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, who was standing trial for defrauding by false pretence a judgment debt amount in excess of 51 million Ghana Cedis. All hail Woyome was all I could say.

The presiding Judge was obviously oblivious of the brouhaha surrounding that case since 2011, when it first made the headlines. Ghanaians were expecting nothing less
than a jail sentence. But the law does not entertain public sentiments or anger. The Attorney General’s Department also had it fair share of the criticism for not putting up a good fight.

All this time, the man who loves media attention was nowhere to be found. I wake up every morning asking myself, when his going to make news and for some inexplicable reasons, he is lost to all of us. After all, he is not that important as some members of the NPP, would want us to believe. Woyome dealt him another blow in his latest epistle to the Attorney General, copied the President to either sack herself or be fired by the appointing Authourity.

Woyome too, can’t he spare us his ugly noises, he should count himself a lucky man to still be alive and walking freely, if it was in some other countries , he will laughing at the wrong side of his mouth.

We have chosen the democracy, which comes with the rule of law, he had his day in court, the court acquitted and discharged him, the State has file an appeal, he should still exercise the faith he had in the law courts that justice, will be done.

Nana Addo’s silence and absence has been heart-corroding to me, I want to see him more often, the more appearances he makes the more he convinces me that he is a spindrift, who has served his purpose and time.

Politics is no longer fun without Nana Addo, wherever he is hiding, he must resurface, I for one I miss him.

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